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    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda_vice View Post
    Man, thats awesome. I wish every once in a while a raw crowd was half as awesome as them.

    How about that hand/arm gesture by ryback?!
    Im unsure of what youre referencing. I havent seen the show yet cuz im at work. Ill have to watch it in the mornimg when i get off

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    First the YES! chants, now it is Fandango's theme, I wonder what'll happen next year.
    I have no idea but im ok with every season ending and beginning in jersey if this is how the crowd is going to be

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    How about that hand/arm gesture by ryback?!
    he will get some heat for that backstage...but i loved it.

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    The Raw where Randy Orton RKO'ed Stephanie McMahon was last RAW where I remember it being so good and I went crazy

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    Absolutely LOVED it!!

    Raw 4/8 > WM 4/7

    Hands down.

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    just as good, if not better

    r WWERAW went off the air last night, John Cena took a mic and put over the crowd. He thanked us for making tonight so special for Dolph Ziggler, and had us re-start the "we are awesome!" chant. He said thatThe Rock ushered in the People's Era, and we solidified it tonight.

    Cena laid the belt in the ring and said that it was for us. For that, Cena got a massive pop and became a babyface to the live crowd. He said that usually, they play music to end the show, but tonight, we were the music. He left the ring while the whole crowd sang Fandango's theme. Finally, Fandango's music hit and the crowd erupted. The show closed with one final "we are awesome!" chant.

    And thus ends the most fun, interactive, and exciting episode of Raw I have ever attended. Fandango was MADE tonight. People were singing his song in the corridors and all the way out to the car. Tonight was simply unbelievable.

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    RAWs like this is why I'll never quit watching. Everything builds up and it eventually pays off, even if it does take a few years for it all to make sense. This was all the doing of the crowd. That was great. I hope wherever they are next week can keep it up because tonight is why I love wrestling. All the drama segment, after segment, and the crowd making the usually lackluster segments go was just great.

    Somebody mentioned Ryback going heel earlier and that's how I took it initially. My dad's an old school wrestling fan and he explained it better to me. He described it as Ryback not really turning heel, but wanting to take out the cream of the crop and be the best. He was really staking claim to something that he wants and it played out beautifully.

    I know you guys hate Cena, but his character really made all this possible. Seeing someone best him automatically makes them a legit star because of how much Cena is hated by everyone but the kids and women. They did the Ryback thing perfectly. I just can't wait to see how all of this plays out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda_vice View Post
    Man, thats awesome. I wish every once in a while a raw crowd was half as awesome as them.

    How about that hand/arm gesture by ryback?!
    You mean the "up yours"? :P crowd loved it

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