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    That is all I wanted

    Well...year after year the E finds a way to fuck us over....and they immediately suck us back in.

    Great crowd. Great heat on Cena #sameoldshit. If WWE had this plan to piss us off at mania, only to keep us watching with a post mania cash in...touche. tou fucking che WWE.

    I feel like a school boy again. How's that for whining?
    "This is the way you handle it. Its easy, its simple to digest because you people cant handle anything complicated. You people cant stomach anything interesting. We're all here in the circus to entertain YOU. And nobody has been able to obtain a modicum of success without you...until I showed up. Im successful not because of you. Im successful in spite of you"

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    nice, late but nice, i would have rather ziggler cashed in at mania

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    Agreed. The 24 hour IC title swtich was unexpected, as was Ziggler's cash in.

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    Dolph's cash in was nice. I just don't like Swagger tapping two nights in a row. Why push him with his return? I understand the pending suspension and all, but have him beat down Del Rio and get dq'd in that match, and have Ziggler cash in afterwards.

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    I said look for the cash-in at a more "unexpecting" moment on another thread, and now there it is. Now, be prepared for those that will say that Ziggler should have cashed in last night, he isn't ready yet, he has no mic skills, he needs to lose AJ and Big E. ETC.

    I'm so glad they got the I.C. title off the dick magnet.

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    The crowd tonight have been awesome, simple as that. They've made my night with all this random chanting lol!
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    I Hope Ziggler loses the belt on Fridays smackdown...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    I'm going to lol if Barrett loses the title back to Miz on the SmackDown tapings.

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    Man off to Hollywood again Miz? Really...really...really...yes...

    If I am not back in five minutes...just wait longer!--Ace Ventura

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