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    When will Dolph Ziggler show the world?

    I want to start out by saying that I'm a huge Dolph Ziggler fan, (#PushDolphZiggler), and I don't have a single clue what the WWE Creative Team is doing with Dolph Ziggler, (They probably don't know either). Wrestlemania 29, a pretty lackluster show to say the least, provided the hugest oppurtunity for Dolph Ziggler to cash-in or even tease a cash-in. But no, alas, creative has failed me yet again.

    Imagine, after the match last night, Del Rio begins to celebrate with the crowd, and Swagger hits him from behind. They brawl on the outside, hitting numerous obstacles such as ring guards, ring poles, as well as steel steps. He rolls Del Rio into the ring and applies the ankle lock. Swagger 'kayfabe' breaks Del Rio's ankle, and him and Colter head to the back. "I'm Here To Show The World" and Ziggler and crew begins to charge down to the ring with the MITB Briefcase in-hand. However, halfway down, you noticeably hear Ziggler say that he doesn't want their help, and he is tired of being held down. They bicker and Big E and AJ begin slowly walking to the back. Ziggler slides into the ring, and here comes Big E. Dolph yells, stating that "This is my time!" BIG ENDING, and Ziggler gets laid out. By this time, Del Rio has rolled out to the floor, and Big E grabs the MITB case and marches to the back,

    This would plant the seeds for a 'trust' storyline between the crew while building Ziggler as a potential tweener or face. It would also require Big E to use his mic skills (have you seen the Wrestlemania Diaries from over the weekend? THAT guy has personality.) and for him to work with an upper mid-carder.

    Thoughts and Comments are welcome. Thanks!
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    I heard Ziggler got injured off of kane's chokeslam, and that's why he didn't cash in, even though he was sheduled to, don't know how true that is, but it's what i heard.

    Also dispite been a Ziggler fan, I think it would benefit him to lose when he cashes in, have Big-E betray him, and turn him face, the guy is already getting cheered like mad and he is heel, so they may as well turn him.


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