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    How can you say that ? Nobody here knows what's going on backstage and nobody knows the reasons why Ziggler still have the MITB contract. Perhaps some main eventers have big egos, but saying what you've just said is just ridiculous.
    Because why else wouldn't Vince listen to 80,000 people chant, "We want Ziggler!" Also didn't Cena sleep with Mickie James knowing she was with Kenny Dykstra and then got Dykstra blacklisted. Let's not forget what happened between Cena and Riley which halted his push. HHH has a long line of people he has buried. Brock is all about Brock. The only one who doesn't have any backstage reports on him is the Rock. So yeah none of these people, except for the Rock, are angels. Although I do remember one person on here recounting a story about how the Rock snubbed a six year old fan back in '99 or something along those lines.

    As for you, if you get that offended over someone's comments on the Internet you might want to get off the Internet. People will say a lot more "outrageous" things then what I have just said. People will continue to say a lot more outrageous things than what I have just said. And if you think any of those people, or me, give a damn about your opinion, well then you are clearly out of your damn mind son.
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