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    I missed the last two matches, damn internet.

    So, I had a friend who ordered it with her Aunt, call me, so I could hear the last match.
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    Was Wrestlemania 29 the worst Mania in years?

    After a poor buildup I wasn't expecting much but after watching 29 I think that it was easily the most lacklustre mania since mania 9. Not only was it as a result of poor booking but match quality was definitely very low. Not one match really excited me. I can only hope Raw tonight pulls some surprises out of the bag and WWE manages to redeem itself.

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    This is the 1st Wrestlemania I have not ordered on PPV since WM 8. I watched one of the free streams on

    Their feeds worked great. But, I am more than happy that I didnt waste money renting this one. I never liked the card going in and it ended about how I expected. Seems like the WWE will never do anything big or earth shattering at a WM. It's like they only want to tie up stories from the previous year or something.

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    To say that this Wrestlemania sucked would be an understatement. I've said this before and I'll say it again: despite two good matches and the outstanding production value of the set, the entire night felt so fucking lifeless to me because most of the matches, besides UT/Punk and Brock/HHH, just felt like the competitors were going through the motions and never once did it stir the suspension of disbelief. I'm not even going into the fact that there were no real surprises or shock value. Nothing looked like any of the storylines were progressing except maybe for ADR/Swagger and that's based off of wishful speculation rather than anything that the match gave me. The only real shocker to me was Henry beating Ryback which is odd to me because it seems weird that he has to lose yet ANOTHER PPV match when he should be looking strong. Sure, he got the Shellshock on Henry but still, what purpose did that serve?

    So the worst Mania in years? Definitely. Absolute waste of sixty dollars.
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    Wrestlemania 27. Nothing will amount to that shit. It was good but no were near Wrestlemania 28.

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    I hate to complain but I must agree this WrestleMania PPV was shit! Too many false finishes in the main event. HHH/Brock was good BUT could've been so much better same with Taker/Punk. I understand Taker's is old and beaten down but if he can't go then he shouldn't go IMO. This WrestleMania lacked the buzz and excitement of last years. That's what happens when the same you have the same main event two years in a row! You built up Once in a Lifetime, people were pumped for that, when they find out it's gonna happen again people get letdown and everyone who follows wrestling knew Cena was going to win unlike last year when it was anyones guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2 View Post
    Wrestlemania 27. Nothing will amount to that shit. It was good but no were near Wrestlemania 28.

    Not isolating you, but I have seen a common complaint of "WM 28 was better" when this time last year there were just as many people complaining about WM28. It seems as if most of us are gluttons for disappointment followed by selectively remembering things different than our initial actions were immediately following the event.

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    Anyone else but me expecting Zigler cash in tonight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveyrichards View Post
    Anyone else but me expecting Zigler cash in tonight?
    After watching him and Big E lose last night, I fully expected him to do it after Del Rio retained. I wanted Swagger to go ape shit and apply the Patriot Lock allowing Ziggler to cash in MITB and win.

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    Alright guys, I've been dreading typing this up. I was in attendance last night at Metlife stadium. I was, to say the least, incredibly excited for the event. Say what you want about expectations for the card itself, I have general expectations for the biggest PPV of the year - and it failed massively to deliver, IMO. To anyone who argues, "It's entertainment, just be entertained and never complain," I genuinely pity you. The Mindy Project is entertainment, Disney on Ice is entertainment, a Justin Bieber concert is enterainment - because it is defined as entertainment and intended to be entertaining does not mean I should blindly be entertained. That notion is narrowminded and propesterous.

    I spend big money to attend Wrestlemanias and watch wrestling because I love it. Please don't tell me to stop watching. I'm invested in certain characters and I will always love the spectacle of it: the showsmanship, the live-athletic soap opera that is pro-wrestling. But, because I invest a lot of time into it, I expect to get something out of it. It's like watching an entire season of a television show, and generally having some expectations for the finale to be memorable and at times breathtaking - particularly when finales in the past have been memorable and breathtaking.

    As many others have mentioned - Wrestlemania is largely considered to be the birthplace of new stars, amazing moments, and bold shifts in the company's landscape. There was NONE of this. I'll break it into detail later in this rant, but there was NOTHING. The only 'shake-ups' were nauseating (see: Ryback vs Henry and Big Show). There was not a heel or face turn, a shake-up in one tag team, a twist in one storyline, an entertaining backstage promo, a jawdropping spot - and let me tell you - you could feel the lingering dissapointed in the 80,000 strong at Mania.

    Shield vs Show/Orton/Sheamus
    : Pleased the Shield won. Show's spear was a cool spot. No Orton heel turn, no Sheamus heel turn, and the worst part - Big Show re-heel turn. Good lord. WWE basically said, "We're horrified of turning a top 5 face, heel - so we'll turn the Big Show soooorta face for 3 weeks, just to get him into the match, than we'll swing right back where we were." It was a slap in the face.
    Crowd: Into it. Opening match. "SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD" chants. Ambrose got the biggest pop when first tagged in.

    Ryback vs Henry: Silly finish. IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE RYBACK SHELL SHOCK HIM, WHY HAVE HIM LOSE 1ST? Why not have Ryback fail to pick him up, receive a WSS, kick out of WSS, get psyched up, than have his big Mania moment hitting the Shell Shock for the win? Who in the world decided it was a good idea to give Mark Henry the win, only to make him look bad 2 minutes later?
    Crowd: 'Feed Me More' chants to start. 'Boring' chants midway in. Picked up again during the Shellshock attempts.

    Jericho vs Fandango: This match was the PPV in a nutshell for me. Sure, it's not the greatest match in the world on paper (like several others), but there was definitely reason to believe that this could have been something special. It just wasn't. Some sloppy moves toward the end. Fandangos awkward hop off the top rope, Jericho overshooting the Lionsault, and even the roll-up at the end. Where was the 2 minute Walls of Jericho with Fandango struggling to the ropes, showing he's tough, getting the crowd on their feet? It's simple stuff like that that just seemed missing throughout the night. Felt like I was eating at a 5 Star restaurant, with 5 Star quality food, but all my dishes were cooked at 3-Star quality. Where are my truffles at Wrestlemania? (Sorry for that analogy.)
    Crowd: Big Y2J pop. Some "FAHN! DANH! GO!" chants, but probably not audible enough to hear on TV with the open roof.

    Hell No vs Zig/Bigz: Big Ziggler fan, but I don't care that they lost. I care that nothing was progressed in the match. NO AJ involvement. She's been flirting/acting weird with Daniel Bryan for this ENTIRE build-up and NOTHING at Mania would show it. No friction amongst either team. No lengthy times for Ziggler and Bryan to do something special. Their match on Raw last week showcased their talents more.
    Crowd: Big Yes chants to start. TONS of Ziggler signs and T shirts. If I spoke to 100 people, 100 thought he was cashing and was hoping for it.

    Taker vs Punk: Don't get me wrong, this match was very entertaining. But, wasn't it what absolutely everyone expected? And I'm not just speaking the outcome. A hard worked match, 3 or 4 big kick-outs, and Taker getting the W. Things I expected to see because they teased them during the match and never delivered: a GTS (Punk didn't connect on ONE FINISHER - think about that), a Last Ride, the running front flip over the ropes that both Punk and Taker teased at, and a damn broken Spanish Announce Table.
    Crowd: Into it. And justifiably. Punk doing Old School was awesome. Punk doing the throat chop before a failed GTS was sadistic and effing awesome too. Taker seems incapable of rust. Both guys got the job done, for sure. "This is awesome" chants.

    Del Rio vs Swagger: Here I go. I don't know if you could hear it well on TV, but 80,000 people were chanting WE WANT ZIGGLER within 1 minute of the match, the entire match. There was not a full minute of that match where a section was not chanting it. NO ONE, gave a shit about Del Rio/Swagger. The WHC feud is dust, its an unwanted, stagnant, boring feud that no one has bought into in weeks and DESPERATELY needed an injection of a fresh face. In my opinion, the biggest missed opportunity of the night not having Zigs cash. The stadium was DEFLATED after he didn't cash.
    Crowd: THOROUGHLY dissapointed. Massive boos when the commercial hit.

    HHH vs Lesnar: These guys worked there ass off. Wrestlemania caliber match, for sure.
    Crowd: Was in a buzzkill from the lack of a cash-in. When 80,000 people are cheering for something that could have and should have happened, and it doesn't - it takes the wind out of your sails. Lesnar and HHH gradually got us back into it.

    Cena vs Rock: These guys worked hard too. It's tough to fault them. There has never, IMO, been a more ripe time for Cena to have turned heel. A shot to the head with belt, an AA after the handshake - would have obviously been awesome. This is one of those things I realistically was aware probably wouldn't happen. That said, it was Wrestlemania and its the one day a year to suspend such beliefs. If there was to be a rubber match at 30, a screwy finish here at 29 would have teed that up nicely.
    Crowd: Furious at the finish. I was very content. Crowd popped big for a few of the kickouts. Biggest moment of the night was when Cena tricked the Rock during his Peoples Elbow and taunted the crowd in the process. It felt like a glimmer of heel-hope was shining. It faded soon.

    Well this got lengthy. My apologies. Take it for what it is. There were certainly great moments and guys worked hard, but I feel like that should be a given for any PPV - not just Mania. I was dissapointed.
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