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    Most overhyped ppv in a long time.

    The only fight I thought was a 'WrestleMania Caliber' fight (in the way WWE themselves hype it up to be) was Taker vs. Punk. Personally, I think Taker can still outperform the Rock, despite everyone thinking he's 'old'. He moves well and seems to take way less breathers than Dwayne does.

    The Shield win was decent, but how come none of the guys in the Shield perform finishers? Is their 3-person powerbomb their only consistent finishing move? The shield pulled off 0 finishers (unless you count Reigns' spear) while the other team somehow squeezed in like 7 or 8 (if you count the after-fight action). Maybe by Wrestlemania 30, the Shield will have another finisher?

    The Fandango debut was awful. Crappy ending to what I thought could be a cool match. Was expecting more.

    Mark Henry vs Ryback was too slow and the ending was also 'meh'. Wasn't expecting more, but it just took very long.

    The Tag Title match was very 'meh'. Was expecting more from Big E in his debut.

    Triple H and Brock wasn't bad, but Brock played too much of a 'wimp' at times in the fight. I wasn't buying it. Triple H is still tough and can wrestle, but it's hard to sell him beating up on Brock Lesnar so easily (well, at least without the help of a sledgehammer).

    Rock vs. Cena - I could've turned WM off before this match and not have missed much. Overhyped and underwhelming.

    For an expensive marquee pay-per-view, they wasted WAY too much time on replaying promos only to cut out a whole match and end the entire PPV early. The production value seemed to be there, but the planning and execution was not. WWE seriously needs to hire some experienced backstage managers/coordinators. Maybe they can get one from Cirque du Soleil. The shit they can get their performers to do on time in a 2 hour period is incredible.


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