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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Undertaker got off his couch for that match so you all better be happy. He could have been home with McCool cooking him pancakes and making him sandwiches but no, he came out to show everyone that he's still the big dog and all that. Did he ever get the urn at the end of all that, I kind of got distracted after the 3 count
    Yeah, Heyman left it on the ring steps or something and Taker went and got a hold of it, did his usual drop to one knee deal and then walked off into the sunset. He was welling up with tears after the match, can't wait until someone spins this into his retirement match!
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    I lied, it matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    He could have been home with McCool cooking him pancakes and making him sandwiches
    I would be excepting alot more than just pancakes and Sandwiches...

    Wonder if Laya come round for dinner...

    A Laycool sandwich sounds tasty

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    It would seem it was only me that didn't find Punk vs Taker that great. Yes it had good and decent moments, Taker looked like he could still go enough, Punk sold well and Heyman's interferences were predictable but amusing. But the whole match seemed like a mismatch of styles, move sets, size, strength and speed. If it wasn't two guys who are great at what they do, it would ave been a fucking disaster of botchtastic proportions.

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    Triple H v Lesnar - Match of the night.
    Rock v Cena was a fun match, enjoyed it.
    Punk v Taker was a little underwhelming, I expected more.
    Tag title match was okay as was Jericho v Fandango.
    Ryback lifting Henry was cool, I liked the ending.
    Shield match was decent, would of preferred an Orton turn, RKO was great though.
    World title match wasn't bad.

    I enjoyed it but not as much as last year. Wouldn't say it sucked though.

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    If you paid to watch WrestleMania 29.

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    I have really been trying to find a reason to not call it the worst one ever, but thinking back on even the worst ones none of them left me as disappointed as this one. That pretty much seals it for me. WrestleMania XXIX = Worst Mania EVER!

    Let me just just make it clear I am not saying it because of who I rooted for won or lost either, but rather cause it was by far the most predictable Mania of all time IMO. There was NOTHING surprising about this PPV except maybe Mark Henry beating Ryback. I mean seriously the only other kind of surprising thing was Team Hell No keeping the Tag Titles and IMO that is just further prolonging what could be a great Kane/Bryan feud and also a fresh owner for the tag titles.

    Think about it, Fandango got put over by Jericho which everybody knew was gonna happen, Shield won, Taker won, Triple H Won, Cena Won all these things were so easy to predict!

    Hell the things that people were wrong on, were the things that could of made these predictable things more fun at least, like Orton and/or Cena turning Heel or them adding Kaitlyn/AJ to the tag title match to make it winner take all, why did they not do this if Bryan and Kane were gonna win?! They could of at least had let AJ be in match in front of her home fans even if she lost, they could of still continued the AJ/Kaitlyn after even, since it would've only been a lost in a tag match!

    Hell they even had to cut a heavily promoted match off the card because they were so busy showing promos for a show you already were watching, meaning they wasted hours promoting a match that did not even happen, WTF is that?!

    I am sorry, but I have watched Mania's since way before the Attitude Era even and this one to me was just sad on so many levels and is the worst one ever IMO. The only plus side is that if this is rock bottom they hopefully can only go up from here next year with WrestleMania XXX. God I hope Raw tonight has more surprises then this Mania did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I liked it, it's entertainment, everybody who doesn't like it needs to grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up. Watch it as entertainment, like it as entertainment, it's not a fucking science.
    Yes it's entertainment. So believe or not if people aren't entertained by it they are going to complain.. If people have paid money they dont need to 'grow up' they have a right to voice their opinion.
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I liked it, it's entertainment, everybody who doesn't like it needs to grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up. Watch it as entertainment, like it as entertainment, it's not a fucking science.
    Until you are willing AND able to recompense me for every single cent I wasted on that shitstorm of a PPV, you have virtually no rights at all to tell me to grow up or what to think about a product that I decided to pay for.

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    Sucks that Brodus and the gang got nixed from the card!

    More of an insult that a lot of guys didn't get to appear in the WM Battle Royal.

    What sucks EVEEENN more was that performance from Puff Daddy, Daddy, baby Daddy, Diddy, Did, D whatever the fuck he calls himself these days.

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    I said as soon as the Rock won the title and Cena Won the RR I wouldn't watch it, I caved and streamed the first 2 hours, was ok matches, nothing special, could have been a Monday Night Raw, I'm glad I didnt pay to see it. 80,000 were there and millions of people brought it around the world so I don't think WWE will care that much.
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