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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99 View Post
    Wrestlemania XXX: Cena vs Undetaker

    Cena turns heel to beat the streak

    Are fans happy because of heel turn or mad because streak is over. And the WWE keeps trolling along
    Careful, causing Stamford and creatives's heads to explode and spoiling WM 30 may be construed as a terrorist attack. Until Linda calls it quits, I advise you to vote blue.

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    Seems to me around/over half thought it was good (not great but good) - definitely an improvement on the farce from last year.

    Again no huge moments - I thought after the "this isn't passing the torch" speech from Rock there would be a spin after the match... unfortunately not because thats exactly what they were doing trying to get the Rock to get everyone to endorse Cena.

    I thought Cena tries to hit Rock, Rock Bottom..... Rock walks off with his big exit and Cena left sitting their with a smirk knowing he might have won but still doesn't have it all his way....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99 View Post
    Wrestlemania XXX: Cena vs Undetaker

    Cena turns heel to beat the streak

    Are fans happy because of heel turn or mad because streak is over. And the WWE keeps trolling along
    Honestly I would be done. I said tonight if Cena is the one to beat The Undertaker's streak I would never watch WWF/WWE again. All done.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    I have watched WD_08's videos... I mean, sure WD doesn't have the greatest videos and some flawed logic... but at least he tries... This guy was just screaming into is laptop about a product that he had no build up to care about. He says he hasn't watched it in years... Why would you care about something you haven't watched in years? It's scary to me that people get that emotional about a product.
    Plus, Wrestling_Deluxe doesn't have f-bombs accounting for 50% of his content. So he wins by default.

    But I still like to imagine an entire apartment complex full of dudes who watch WWE and then scramble to their bedrooms to make global with their opinions. Like, they could probably all get together in the courtyard to share their collective love of wrasslin' and eat cake, but they all choose the digital soapboxes instead.

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    People thought Wrestlemania 27 was bad..... 27 was way much better....

    Only things I liked tonight was the Shield winning, Undertaker vs CM Punk, going even say Triple H vs Brock was good.... As well as introducing the WWE Class of 2013 Hall of Fame.....
    The rest i rather not share my opinion on....
    Like I said on several posts elsewhere Wrestlemania this year was the good, the bad, and the ugly....
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    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
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    Honestly this Wrestlemania was just meh. I'm glad I got to watch it for free and everything, but honestly at the same time I kind of wish I just did my homework and not had to stay up till 2 AM because of it. Wrestlemania just went way below my expectations. Especially for a 60$ PPV. After watching that I don't think I could ever pay to watch a WWE PPV again.

    Now not to sound completely negative I will say that there were certain moments where I thought this is where the WWE was going to turn it around. Ryback losing to Mark Henry. Really liked that, although that went away quickly when Ryback Shellshocked Henry right afterwards. It wasn't because Henry looked weak, it just confused me because I'm sitting there thinking, "Why not just have Ryback win then?" Then the CM Punk vs Taker match was awesome. I really thought Punk was going to end the Streak there for a couple of moments in the match. Which is always good in a Streak. I also liked the whole HHH putting Lesnar in the Kimora lock. I was really hoping for HHH to make Lesnar tap to the Kimora or "break" his arm before hitting the Pedigree.

    With those "highlights" being said this was a sad excuse for a PPV. Which is really pathetic considering this was Wrestlemania. As said earlier no surprise turns, one surprise ending, and lack of a build for a lot of the matches.
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    How will WrestleMania 29 be remembered? It will be remembered as the WrestleMania where undercard completely delivered, and the top card, with the sole exception of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker, didn't deliver at all.

    People that watched the show will remember:

    How The Miz made the pre-show awesome by defeated Wade Barrett in a genuine title upset.
    How Fandango proved to WWE Universe that he could, in fact, hang with Chris Jericho.
    How despite the threat of Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee, Team Hell No still retained by staying focused.
    How even though Ryback can stand toe to toe with Mark Henry, youth dosen't always triumph over experience.

    What people won't remember (or won't want to remember):

    How The Shield beat Sheamus, Orton, and The Big Show, but the one face nobody wanted to see turn made the turn.
    How Alberto Del Rio's title match against Jack Swagger was oddly brief, and with no cash-in from Dolph Ziggler.
    How Triple H's match against Lesnar killed the crowd; making you wonder if The Game should've retired after all.
    How Twice In A Lifetime between John Cena and The Rock completely fell flat on it's face with the forced ending.

    The short matches will little-to-no build-up were better than the long matches with all the build-up in the world.

    The part-timers, the main-eventers, and the veterans failed at WrestleMania 29, but the mid-carders, the up-and-comers, and the rookies succeeded.

    It's time for a changing of the guard.
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    It was a pretty lame WM. The outcome of every match was predictable, other than the Jericho Fandangoo match, which was pretty bad.

    Punk v Taker was disappointing. There were no moments when I actually thought Punk would win.
    HHH vs Brock because a predictable match after they announced the retirement stipulation.
    Cena v Rock was a terrible match, just like it was last year. Interesting ending though, it makes me think that Rocky is done with wrestling for good.
    Ryback vs Henry was better than expected.

    Hell no v Ziggler and friends was about what I expected. The Shield vs orton and friends was alright. Nothing seemed WM caliber.

    Del Rio vs Swagger was a terrible match, but thats what happens when you have 2 boring wrestlers face each other. It was obvious who was going to win when at WM swagger gets the jobber entrance.

    I would give match of the night to HHH and Brock.
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    Personally I enjoyed most of the show to an extent, but at the level I enjoy a normal ppv. This didn't have that Wrestlemania feel through most of the night. Punk/Taker was a good match imo but not a Taker Streak level match if you go on Taker's matches from the last 4 years. I'm glad the Shield won, but no Orton turn. I can't believe they let Fandango beat Jericho, the Tag title match went the way I expected it, Del Rio beating Swagger was expected but I also was hoping for Ziggler to cash in. Triple H and Brock Lesnar was mostly just Lesnar whooping on Triple H until Trips finally gained some offense and started using the kimura lock, and the pedigree on top of the steps was a good way to finish that match. And Cena beat Rock as expected, but no heel turn. Honestly I don't know why we keep expecting Cena to turn heel it's never going to happen even if there are reports of it "being discussed" in creative meetings.
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    Undertaker got off his couch for that match so you all better be happy. He could have been home with McCool cooking him pancakes and making him sandwiches but no, he came out to show everyone that he's still the big dog and all that. Did he ever get the urn at the end of all that, I kind of got distracted after the 3 count


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