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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    This makes no sense! I can't stop laughing at Ziggler getting kicked.

    I don't know dude let's cause an internet riot!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by StraightEDGeSavior View Post
    I got talked into making a 3 hour drive from my college to keep up the tradition in ordering it with friends every year, but my fears came to life when absolutely NOTHING happend. Besides punk/taker and lesnar/HHH that was an INJUSTICE to wwe fans. Shitty build and a clear silent reaction from crowds who are bored and ready to see something happen...and all we get the most predictable outcomes in mania history.

    mark henry vs ryback was as terrible and as slow as it could be, fandango was OK, but botched a rollup? Pathetic. Oh...and big show turned heel for the 47th time in his career i guess.

    You can all deem us "whiners" as a minority, but the boos from the crowd at the end of the ppv is proof that it was just dog shit. If you're gonna have no swerves in the 3 main event matches, at least have dolph cash in OR orton turn heel. All you people telling us to stop complaining are living fucking proof that punk was right in his pipebomb on the rock. "But this is how you people handle it. Its simple to digest because you're too stupid to handle anything with substance" something along those lines.

    Over/Under on when this constituency comes up for air? Tomorrow night's Raw? Sorry bout the the long drive sir, but the most under built WM in years delivered much better than I thought, given the lack of "blockbuster, universe-altering things that could've, should've would've happened" which are all tricks they STILL have going forward. In the words of ESPN Monday Night Countdown, "Come on Maaaannnn!!!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    tna is lucky if they get 8,000 tickets sold. WWE gets 80,000
    The old TNA deflection. Well played, forum, well played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedag View Post
    nope it was like in the middle i think.
    Not 100% sure, but at least Punk vs Jericho happened after Taker vs HHH.

    Am I the only one who thinks the last 3 matches started quite flat, then peaked up halfway till the end? Didn't find Lesnar vs. HHH as entertaining as others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    You know what? Fuck it. I'm not taking the "high road". I'm pissed. This was one of the worst Wrestlemanias I've ever watched and I'm not gonna shy away from saying it so I don't look like a "whiner". I paid sixty dollars of my hard earned cash to see something good and I got ripped off so anyone who's gonna bore me to tears with a conformity speech can kiss my black ass because it'll fall on deaf ears.

    Besides the UT/Punk match and HHH/Brock match, the rest of the matches felt absolutely fucking lifeless. Nothing of substance came from anything outside of those two matches. I was happy with some of the outcomes but the journey to the finish felt like an eternity because I was hoping that we could just move on already. Most of it felt like a big fairy tale where most of the heroes win and the bookers just played it safe with the outcomes with no real surprises coming out of any of them. Blech. Boring. Absolutely boring. As a whole PPV, 5.5/10. Waste of time and waste of money.
    And to add to this, I also felt ripped off that the 8 man mixed tag team match got nixed. Hell, if it was gonna suck, fine, but I would have at least liked to have seen how that match would have gone down. Maybe, just maybe, it could have been a rare gem but thanks to timing issues, I'll never know. What a crock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_D77 View Post
    I don't know dude let's cause an internet riot!!
    I see what you're doing. ANARCHY! *flips desks and strips*

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    Surely I can't be the only one who was waiting and waiting for Cena to hit Rock with the belt from the moment he touched it to the end of the show? Just for something to actually happen. Just matches, matches, and more matches.
    First thing that came to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    I hope anyone who thought Punk even had a chance of winning feels stupid, especially the one ones that started threads about it
    Why would anyone feel stupid about making a thread that went 13 to 14 pages deep? I merely posed a question and everyone replied. I gave formed reasons on my opinions and led in banter that didn't result in a flamewar or sidetracking. I believe that makes a successful thread. Can you say you've created a thread like that? Just to get people talking on a relatively dead board? No. You can't. Have a nice day junior.

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    If this is a 10 and K2Jelly is a 1 I'm gonna have to go 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    This makes no sense! I can't stop laughing at Ziggler getting kicked.

    Last year Daniel Bryan got brouge kicked and lost in 18 seconds. So Daniel tried to do the same thing to Dolph.


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