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    I reckon it's going to be up there with one of the worst.

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    I believe match quality is not going to be an issue. When you look at the card some of these matches look more awesome than they seem. For example Big E Langston and Ziggler Vs Team Hell No is awesome, because I'm sure Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler are going to go at it, and do some awesome stuff during the match.

    Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar, maybe the first bloody, and brutal match we've seen in quite some time at Wrestlemania.

    Swagger Vs Del Rio can be a techincal classic, I expect this to show how talented both Swagger and Del Rio are, plus I believe the crowd will be hot for this match.

    The Shield have had great matches, and now they have a chance to prove just how good the three are at Wrestlemania.

    CM Punk Vs Undertaker will be amazing, if Undertaker doesn't get injured.

    The Rock Vs Cena should be good, and I expect some kind of turn in this match.

    The only match I was worried about was The Brodus Clay Tensai Vs Rhode Scholars match, but when you look at it, this match could be entertaining as heel. Especially with how funny Rhode Scholars have been recently.

    Oh and the debut of Fandango!!! I bet he has the most epic entrance on the card.

    So this card can be really good, I think some fans will hate it regardless. But if Cena turns heel, this Wrestlemania will magically turn into the best one ever for them.


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