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    I gave it a 5. I think it could have been worse but all the same it was very bland. With that said I am excited for Punk/Taker. I am somewhat excited for Swagger/Del Rio, and I'm also hoping to see Zigs cash in but I kinda doubt it.

    As far as the rest of the show, at this point, I couldn't care less

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    I'm going to have to give this years build up a 6.

    The Hip Hop Hippo,The Funkasaurus and The Funkadactyls vs The Rhoadscholars and The Bella Twins is really only on the card to give the fans a break between the more serious matches.Enough said

    Jack Swagger vs ADL I have really been invested in for some time though I will admit that this rivalry is starting to lose some steam.

    No U.S Title match and the I.C Title on the pre show is driving me insane

    Fandango vs Jericho despite how talented I think both competitors are I would have prefered if Fandango was introduced after WM and had Jericho vs Cesaro instead.Have a build that Cesaro is still clamering on about no American can beat him,In pops Jericho a Canadian.

    Ryback vs Henry will be an intense incounter but an awful match.just on the card for Ryback to Shellshock Henry.

    Shield vs Sheamus,Orton and Big Show would have been built up better if over the last couple of weeks they had all been in singles matches.Big Show vs Reigns Orton vs Ambrose and Sheamus vs Rollins or swap opponents between Sheamus and Orton.

    Team Hell No vs Big E and Ziggie had an all right though rushed build up.Just on the card for Kane,Bryan and Ziggler to have matches.Team Hell No will probably have Kaitlyn at there corner to build up a Divas title match for next months PPV

    Triple H vs Brock seems like the only rivalry with a bit of meat on it.

    Punk vs Taker has been pretty good but I question what they would of done if Bearer hadn't died.It's just being risque for the sake of it

    Cena vs Rock has been a bit hit and miss tbh.Be it the exhausting 2 year build up or having them do important promos/vignettes to early.

    They really should have had the Punk vs Taker ashes bit 2 weeks ago and not had them on Monday and had the Rock vs Cena with the panel of legends to end the last Raw before Mania.
    Orton hears a who

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    First year that i am not into it at all i was more excited for the ROH Supercard of Honor show and it didn't disappoint.

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    Based on all the pissy whining about the outcomes, I would say the build up was excellent, it was just that all the hopes as to what should happen as the outcome didn't and now everything "sucked".

    If I could be serious for a moment...


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