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    the new update is garbage

    At least on android.

    The site used to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate, now all of the sudden its like a desktop version that's a real pain to use on a phone.

    Anyone else encounter this problem or did a setting revert on my end?

    I can't find a toggle for standard/mobile

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    Yeah. Some of the changes have made things far more complicating to access. As far as I know this website has never had a mobile version. I just think the older version of this website was more sleek and easier to navigate. The design and background were far more excellent as well. I prefer the older version myself.

    Sorry that I could not help you.
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    It works just fine for me.

    What version of Android are you on? What browser are you using?

    And you're not going to find a toggle because it's nonexistent. There's also never been a mobile version.
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