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    Rate Stone Cold as an overall wrestling superstar/ wrestler (in a 1-10 scale)

    How would you rate Stone Cold Steve Austin, as an overall wrestling superstar? give him a mark between 1-10.

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    Give Austin a 10.

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    as a superstar - 10
    as a wrestler - 6

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    Overall superstar like you say, 10. Now I'm a bit biased because he's my favorite of all time, but honestly he could put on a very watchable match with anybody. If you saw his WCW work, especially against Steamboat, the guy could work! Plus he was part of epic feuds & matches in WWE. Austin put an a$$ every 18 inches & like J.R. said, that equals success.
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    As an overall superstar - 10

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    As a gimmick 9
    As a wrestler 4

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    10. Cause he could lose big time matches time from time and still look dominant.

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    Austin is one of the all time greats. He gave 100% whenever he went out there and he always left you talking about him when you left the show.
    Plus, he crapped his pants when he wrestled against Yokozuna and still went on to finish the match. That says it all about dedication. I wonder how many of the guys on the current roster would do that? Not many if any I bet.

    10/10 for me.
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    As a superstar, Austin is my choice for THE biggest superstar of all time. Just listen to the reactions he still gets, whenever he's on the show. Not even Rocky gets those reactions. 10/10.

    As for a wrestler, watch his matches with Rock, Michaels, Angle, Triple H, Taker- all of them are fantastic matches. I'm not saying he's the best of all time in ring but he was certainly better than a hell of a lot. 8/10.

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    Austin was the epitome of what it means to be a Superstar in the wrestling industry, in my opinion and not back up by statistics he was the biggest draw the industry has ever seen. The character was so simple, he's a guy who drinks beer and hates his boss, what every man can't relate to that? When Austin cut a promo you listened, when Austin was involved in a match you watched, the biggest pop i've ever heard for a wrestler belongs to this man. 10/10.

    As a wrestler Austin was underrated, after his neck injury he pretty much became limited in his ability to put on a master class of wrestling but look at some of his matches before that. His matches with Bret Hart were fantastic displays of technical ability and class, and not just from Hart, Austin gave as good as he got and this feud arguably made Austin a household name as by the end of it, the fans were booing Bret and cheering for Austin. 8/10 as far as wrestling ability goes.
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