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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Who's to say that? Do you remember Dolph Ziggler's first gimmick? He walked around shaking hands and just saying his name. A gimmick is what you do with it and so far Curtis has been working his Fandango gimmick. Let's see where it evolves to.
    Allow me to clarify my stance on Fandango:

    I like him. I 'm a fan of Johnny Curtis and I think he's doing a great job with the gimmick that he's been given.
    That gimmick however is not going to win him world titles. It's going to win him a mid card title at best.
    I also don't think he's done anything to deserve a match at Wrestlemania against one of the best ever in the business.

    In short, I'm a fan, but I'm not letting that blind me from the fact that he doesn't deserve this match he's getting, while there's other people that have worked their asses off all year that do deserve a Wrestlemania match not even on the card.
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