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Thread: Antonio Cesaaro

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    I want Cesaro to set his sights on guys ranking above him, and getting them one by one. Watched the Mania-prep-movie, really liked it. He can pull off the methodical, calculating heel. Let him have a go at Jericho, Daniel Bryan, then Ryback. Trade wins and losses, but Cesaro comes out winning in the end.

    Jericho vs Cesaro at Summerslam 2013, Bryan vs Cesaro at Survivor Series, Ryback vs Cesaro for either the WWE or WHC title at Wrestlemania, Cesaro loses, then Cesaro vs Ryback as headliner for Summerslam 2014, Cesaro wins.

    Let him keep the mannerisms, the I'm European and better than you, it's what sets him apart, but also show the training and work effort he puts in. They already do that though, with the constant 'pound for pound strongest guy'.. he might be losing at the moment, but commentary has his back, which I hope is a sign they're planning something for him.
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    Just my opinion, but I really like Ceasaro. His matches are great when the time restraints isn't the issue or he's being used to job to further someone else s storyline.

    I have people who are bitching that he's not in the actual televised, non pre show WM when someone like Fandango is. Okay, okay I can see that gripe as being legit, but have patience. I know I expect a lot from him and hope the WWE doesn't waste him, but I don't think they will. He's going to be a WHC or WWE in the future is what I believe and will be a big part of WM in the future.

    I feel the same way about Damien Sandow BTW also.

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    Really wish he would start hitting this again:

    That was at CHIKARA ladies and gentlemen start watching its awesome!

    And of course the Ricola Bomb

    Again CHIKARA awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jethro View Post
    While Fandango vs Jericho sounds good but its a shame its not Jericho vs Cesaro at wrestlemania because both work well together this past week raw,I would say best match on this week raw.
    Jericho vs. Cesaro at Mania would've been more likely to happen if Cesaro wasn't U.S. Champion. The problem is that all of the REAL midcarders are treated like jobbers, so the only people that pose any type of challenge to Cesaro are people who don't even need the belt, and for whom it would be a step down. They've pushed Cesaro too hard to the point where he's actually bigger than the title he's carrying. They could've done Jericho vs. Cesaro, but then you run into another brick wall. Either Jericho wins the belt when he doesn't need it, or Cesaro retains, but remains stuck in the same spot he's in now. If they wanted to book Cesaro in a high profile match at Mania, they should have pushed some random midcarder like Ryder, Riley, or R-Truth to take the belt from him back in January-February so that he could be free to move up the ranks.


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