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    Saving Wrestlemania

    The Build up this year has been Horrible.Keeping all the matches they have now,How do you think they could have improved the build up to make you actually want to watch it?

    I would have started the Fandango-Y2j Feud a little earlier and have had Fandango wrestle a few times to show he is actually a threat to Jericho.
    The Punk-Taker Feud is Great,But only because Paul Died :-( I wonder what they were Planning before that?

    During the Legends Panel with the Rock and Cena,I would have had Hbk and Flair up there too(I know Ric was supposed to).
    Then Lesnar would come out and Go after Hbk but Rock would stand in his way.Cena would attack Rock from behind and then Lesnar would f5 him through the table.Then he would go after Hbk again but cena would stand in his way,Smile and then say go for it.This way they could set up a cena heel turn,Set up Rock-Lesnar for SS and Play off the f5 Through the table as a reason Rock looses at WM.


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