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Thread: Cena's "We"

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    I think Cena would make an awesome heel.

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    If Cena was to do anything drastic like turn heel and head up a group, they should bring a few new faces up from NXT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    I think Cena would make an awesome heel.
    My thoughts exactly, but the heel turn won't happen anytime soon IMO.

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    Why is everyone still on this Cena turning heel. Besides if he ever does turn heel, it would not be with a group. It would be him alone, like when he first started in the WWE. I hate the fact that they keep making these groups, WWE needs to let that go. There are not enough wrestlers in WWE these days to make groups work.

    Cena will win at WM because Rock is a part time wrestler, they are not going to keep the belt on someone that can not be at Raw each taping. Having Rock keep the title reminds me of when Hogan was champion. He only wrestled PPV's.

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    Here is the know facts Cena will never turn heel not just because he is the top babyface of the company but also because all of the other work he does for the WWE mainly with the make a wish foundation (remember 300+ wishes he's granted) Cena is a hero to those kids turning him into a bad guy might hurt all that and I believe all that stuff is to important to the WWE to even risk.

    So here is what I believe would be an answer to all that, what I would like to see, and what im predicting, Instead of beating the Rock straight up at WM he gets a cheap win such as they have their match Rock hits the Rock bottom on Cena, Cena is out cold then let say someone like The Shield run out flatten the rock and throw Cena on top of The Rock then they run away giving Cena the win without Cena knowing they were there, then after WM have all Cena's match kinda go the same way, Shield jumps in gives Cena the win without him know it etc etc thus making it in the eyes of the locker room and the fan that Cena is essentially a heel, you know give him big matches against other top babyfaces and have him screw them over so cena looks bad but really isnt, so then whenever the story gets stale they can have Cena find out about the Shield get revenge in some big match prove to everyone he can win and in the eyes of the kids be even a bigger hero then he is now. so in the end everyone wins Cena is made to look bad everyone gets to tell him how much he sucks and put him down, kids gets to chant for their hero WWE gets to market Cena to both sides of the coin, and make money.

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    hogans turn worked so well because as we found out years later, he is much more like Hollywood than Hulkamania in real life.

    cena is genuinely a good guy, i do not think he could portray the cocky, cheating heel.

    the only "heel" mentality that would work for him is the "i carried the company on my back for 7 years, and i still get boo'ed, cena sucks, etc." but then he would be a crybaby like bret hart. again, i do not think he could play that role well.

    beisdes, everyone who vince wants to dislike cena already does, and has for about 4 years.

    i cheer for the heels, always have, always will. that is why i love cena as the face, and as the wwe champ.

    he is the all american boy. clean shaven, no tats, good looking, jacked, speaks well in public, great ambassador.

    nothing better than cena getting beat for the title at a ppv by a heel after a nice, long feud ala money in the bank 2011.

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    Yeah, I've given up on heel Cena. They just released a new shirt for him after all.

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    Cena came across as a heel trying hard to still be a face Monday night.

    The emphasis he put on "we" made it sound like he was trying hard not to say "I". If he finally turns at Mania, I won't be suprised. This feud with The Rock has been 2 years in the making. It's not going to get any bigger for him.

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    I am all for a Cena heel turn, but not if he is apart of the shield. Storylines where 1 guy feuds with another only to turn and reveal they were in on it "all along Austin" are seriously stupid as hell. To me it is just lazy booking that shows the booking team had no long term plan. It would make no sense at all for John Cena to join the group that claims they are here to solve the "John Cena problem." The Shield doesn't need a leader, least of all Cena, and Cena has no use for a group. Nobody would benefit in that scenerio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    Yeah, I've given up on heel Cena. They just released a new shirt for him after all.
    i think he gets a new shirt every 4 months. so no heel turn until summer.


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