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Thread: Cena's "We"

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    Cena's "We"

    Did anyone else notice how Cena during his shout-a-thon on Monday night Raw for a period kept using "We"?? Hopefully this might mean some Shield involvement on his behalf at WM29???

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    No, when he says "We", he means "We" as in him and the WWE Universe. He often does this in his promos, nothing new.

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    Wishful thinking if you want Shield involvement, personally I think people are looking too much into Cena's promos hoping for a heel turn. Cant see it happening
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    The promo did sound a bit heelish, but that might just be Cena playing with the boos. Especially his taunt at the at made me think that he could be a great heel, but that's just him playing with the crowd I think.

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    Just wishful thinking really, any sign that might look like a heel turn is more than likely a red herring to make a super cena victory a huge "upset"

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    If they were to turn Cena heel, I doubt they would tease it or hint at it, as it would harm the shock value.

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    Agree totally. Just living in hope that the main event wont just be as predictable as it is going to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by What???What??? View Post
    Agree totally. Just living in hope that the main event wont just be as predictable as it is going to be.
    Shame CENA WINS LOL is a very accurate meme

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    i heard cena cleans his ass with his left hand. i think that means he is going to join shield and turn heel.

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    If anyone the Shield will help it will be the Rock retain the title.... Besides, got to think Roman Reigns and the Rock are family....
    So it wouldn't be a surprise if Rock wins..... so then it would set up another match either on Raw or at Extreme Rules... Then set for Undertaker v Cena for WM30 winning Streak vs losing streak, another chance for Cena to redeem his-self at Wrestlemania....
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