View Poll Results: How do you feel about Punk pouring the ashes of Bearer over Undertaker's body?

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  • I loved it. It was just what the feud needed.

    43 57.33%
  • Ehh. It was cool, but I feel like they should have done more. It wasn't enough.

    12 16.00%
  • Hated it. So distasteful and such a horrible way to build a match.

    10 13.33%
  • Indifferent. Not to sure how to feel about it honestly.

    10 13.33%
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    CM Punk pours Bearer's Ashes Over Undertaker

    I'm interested to see how fans reacted to the ending of RAW. Hopefully the choices can reflect everyone's views correctly.

    In a sick way, I liked it. I didn't expect CM Punk to cross that line and (kayfabe wise) pour ashes on the body of Undertaker. Such a bad-ass. Never been done before, I don't think. It reminded me of the Attitude Era in a lot of ways and now I'm really pumped for their match at Mania.

    Your thoughts?
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    At this point I shouldn't be taken back. A bit of a better job on the polls this go round, but we'll see how the final outcome will be; I have a feeling I have already seen the end of this syndicated topic.

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    I love it........why isn't Kane getting pissed......Punks messing wiv his "dads" be i dads got 32 kids


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    It's wrestling. I mean I'm sure Paul Bearer wouldn't have mind. I feel this really adds more emotion to the Wrestlemania match. So yea I loved it, and can't complain

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    It just makes me wonder what they were going to do had Paul Bearer not died. I mean, what a massive coincidence that is.

    Would Punk have talked about his wife and possibly his ex-wife to still make it personal?

    You're welcome!!

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    Given the lackluster buildup to the ppv all around, this feud has needed something 'out there' to make it stick out. What Punk's been doing has gotten him a lot of heat and has really added a lot of heat to the feud.
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    CM Punk is going to beat the Undertaker at WM! I would of liked a bit more talking in the feud but oh well.

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    CM Punk is going to beat the Undertaker at WM!
    Amazing !!! but no !

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    Uh I don't know if I'm out of the loop or anything but... when was it insinuated that Paul Bearer's ashes were in the urn?

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    I loved it too. Punk has been an awesome villain for a long time now, but for me - this catapulted him to supervillain status. This was badass, his Darth Vader turn. Punk disguised as a Druid felt very Austinesque (dressed as a doctor, a security guard, Santa, etc.) which is always a good thing.

    Also, Paul Heyman deserves a thread of his own. This guy might be the best talker in the entire company right now. He's hit a new stride these past few months - and he's equally amazing with Punk as he's been with Lesnar.

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