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    Yea WWE needs guys like that. I mean Roddy Piper is one of the all time greats but he wasn't the top star. But I can also see Dean Ambrose having more of a Jake The Snake Roberts type career. Giving creepy promos, and having good timing, and is a slightly better worker.

    This was the impression I have been left with him. WWE Title I think is a reach until he fully moves to the WWE style and makes it his own. However, I could see a run with the WHC title and think that he would be more to the belt like Edge was than what the WWE wanted Batista to be.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    Dean Ambrose, he is portrayed as this socially delusional, psychotic somewhat freak but, I do think he is good at his portrayal of the bad guy.. I mean last night on Raw you seen him on the mic and he tried to give a good bad boy speech and he will get there on day.. i am just waiting for him to say this...


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    Is such an awesome heel. He just seems Into his role. It's perfect. I don't even think he's "acting". He's just strange from his facial expression to just simple hand movements. He's gonna be the top heel mid carder in the next couple of years. As the part time wrestlers leave and the older ones start retiring such as Kane, Christian and mysterio. Here's my timeline for him. Ambrose and rollins tag champs for a while in 2013. Solo mid card run soon after. Mitb win since I don't think he can be heavyweight champ otherwise. Then cash it in on smackdowns champ and then yes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    No B-Mac, we're talking about Ambrose; not Punk
    They both are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    No B-Mac, we're talking about Ambrose; not Punk
    Don't get me started on Punk... I know who we are talking about and I stand by what I think.

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    While I love his promos, I do agree with this statement. I mean he's good, but I feel people are really overrating this guy.
    I think that has to do with a lot of the people that get 'big' on the indies.

    I like Ambrose, and I think he'll be a top guy one day, but he gets hyped up an awful lot. I think if he /doesn't/ make it to main eventer, people will blame WWE instead of any fault of Ambrose's.

    As far as his selling... well.. Ziggler looks like a rag doll getting thrown around by a tempermental 5 year old on a sugar high, and folks want him pushed. So, I don't see Ambrose's selling turning people off from him.

    I do agree with DRG, he plays his character very well. Like Cody, for instance, both are pretty masterful over any character given to them.
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    Unless there is a whole lot of hidden greatness to Ambrose I am bored of him already, he has the same neglectful selling that Cena suffers from (sells the move when it happens then forgets about it) a vacant look that makes Festus look like a genius. He can talk well but for me he's certainly no Pillman and sure as hell no Jake The Snake Roberts. Its possible he could DEVELOP into a Piper like role, but he's not there yet.

    Rollins I am very impressed with, the only let down for me from him was the night after the ladder match that he walked to the ring, he should have been on crutches or something. Rollins seems to get better with every viewing, Ambrose stays very much the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    He's closer to Pillman or Piper than he is to Hall in my view.
    About right there i think possibly more pillman than roddy.

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    Average at Absolute Best.

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    Dean Ambrose is.. probably going to do better than some would like to see, and worse than some predict he will. In 20 years time we'll know for sure, but my own opinion is that he's going to be a 2-3 time World Champion including at least one WWE Title. I like his personality, he's a good character and is being portrayed quite well, but I think he'll come into his prime when he's on his own, and probably not for another 5 years or so (He's only 27). When Seth Rollins splinters off from the Shield (he'll be the first, i'm almost certain of it) we'll see the first evolution of Ambrose as these two guys had good chemistry in FCW.
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