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    .....sounds and acts like a drunk arsehole at 2am. He is going to be a total one trick pony. I can't see him developing at all in the future. Where do you go to when your starting point is a drunk, who looks like he's just woken up in a dumpster behind a bar? He is sloppy in the ring, sells terribly and has no presence beyond his promos. Hang on I just described Paul Heyman there. Maybe Dean should be a manager, not a performer. And what is with that hunching his shoulders he does? It doesn't make him look bigger.

    Side note: Who decided that all of the Shield needed to drown their hair in lube before every appearance?
    Have you ever seen the 3 on 3 tlc match with The Shield Vs Ryback, and Team Hell No? I remember when Dean got suplexed onto the ladder and I that his selling was so stupid and ridiculous.

    The move is at 11:36


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