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    Well we approach Wrestlemania with arguably the most important Raw of the year...#WWEisboring trends worldwide. As much as I'm sure steph, haith, and vinny mac try to shake it off...they should be VERY concerned.

    So why, on the biggest Raw of the year are we getting unhappy fans? Why is Cena getting the loudest "boring" chant of his career during the biggest promo of his life? Is it PGs fault? Is it Raw being 3 hours?, a ridiculous time slot to fill weekly? Lazy, safe, predictable booking?

    I'm actually happy that this has happened and I'd be willing to bet creative has a rather "told ya so" attitude toward the higher ups. This is proof that WWE needs to stop disregarding the fans. Many of you will say "WWE doesn't care about the few outspoken fans, they care about money" but I think this years ppv buys and the decline in ratings after mania will prove that the E needs to re-analyze their product if they wanna make it in the long run. Thoughts?
    "This is the way you handle it. Its easy, its simple to digest because you people cant handle anything complicated. You people cant stomach anything interesting. We're all here in the circus to entertain YOU. And nobody has been able to obtain a modicum of success without you...until I showed up. Im successful not because of you. Im successful in spite of you"


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