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    Will Shield Member 1, Shield Member 2 or Shield Member 3 every achieve anything?

    So many of the IWC seem to be wandering around after these guys. Worshipping their awesomeness and praising their past and future careers. Now I've watched their pre WWE main roster work. Yeah they are all decent performers. Members 1 and 2 are decent on the mic. Member 3 has some family heritage. But are they really that good individually? Are they really capable of pulling of a decent solo championship run as a solo performer?

    I don't see any definites there. Yes a member or two might pick up a belt or two over their career. But I don't see them as three power players of the future. And (I'll go out on a limb here) I don't think the WWE don't see them as future solo stars. They have be bought in as a group. Now before you says "so was Nexus". Remember that from the word go Nexus was very much an unbalanced group. You could see who was being pushed and future main eventers. Not with the Shield. There is no clear leader. No seeming direction for a future split of rivalry. They are just being sold to us as some kind of perfect trilogy of balance performers.

    My guess is that in 18-24 months we will see one FE and the other two floating around the midcard.

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    Ambrose will be THE heel in 18 months time, the guy is absolute dynomite.
    Rollins will be up there as a face at some point.
    Depending on how they book reigns depends how he'll do, US champion at best I think.

    They need to stick together for sometime and get a belt on one of them sometime after mania

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    Ambrose will be big for sure

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Reigns rocked the mic tonight

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    Since WWE acquired Dean Ambrose, they have had him do some incredible stuff down in FCW. While it's said that they may not be too impressed with his physique (because WWE, i.e. Vince McMahon and HHH like bodybuilders) they are VERY impressed with his mic skills and in-ring work and see him as a future top heel for the company.

    For Seth Rollins, WWE saw fit to make him the first ever NXT Champion, and seem to have a lot of faith in him. They see him as a future CM Punk. But, unfortunately, it's, again, been said that they aren't too impressed with his mic skills, but are high on his in-ring work and athletic ability.

    In regards to Roman Reigns, WWE have said that this guy has the look of a future star. While he could learn a thing or two from Dean Ambrose's mic skills, they are EXTREMELY high on him. They feel he's a guy who could go toe-to-toe with the likes of his cousin The Rock, or John Cena in a main event situation.

    In my personal opinion, Roman Reigns is the future "Face" of the WWE.

    When WWE debuted "The Shield", a lot of WRESTLING FANS were excited that Rollins and Ambrose (two past indy stars, with a history together - much like Danile Bryan and CM Punk - had aligned together on TV) joined to up to help fellow former indy sensation CM Punk on WWE TV against Ryback. But many were confused as to why Roman Reigns - a man straight out of WWE's developmental system with no indy scene past - was helping these two men.

    Many believe it should have been Kassius Ohno (former ROH/indy star Chris Hero) that debuted in The Shield.

    But if you are going to debut a dominant force, you're better off having a powerhouse in the group, and Reigns is just that.

    I think there is reason for it. I also feel there is a reason why everytime they come to the ring through the crowd, that Rollins and Ambrose are walking seperate from Reigns.

    Reigns will eventually be booted from The Shield and turn face; thus kick starting his career to the top of WWE. Maybe Kassius Ohno will join The Shield then. Maybe not.

    Then again - only an assumption. Time will tell...
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    I like all 3 and think they should have a good career in WWE in the years to come, But WWE seem to always think the opposite to what I think so who the hell knows.
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    Clearly the Nexus wasn't even. I think everyone knew that fool with the mask(Tarver) wouldn't go anywhere right from the start. In fairness, did we think Daniel Bryan would go this far? It's tough to say, sometimes the guy you don't expect is the guy that's going to get propelled.

    The Shield... I think all three have potential.

    Reigns clearly has a look that's going to get him far, I mean look at Ryback. Ryback is a look, he's not about technical skill or boatloads of charisma, and Reigns can be the same way. He has to be put in situations that make him look strong, otherwise I don't think it's going to work.

    Ambrose apparently has mic skills and ring skills. I happen to think he sounds like a drunk with a gay lisp which personally I can't stand. Ambrose is likely to wind up being someone like Chris Jericho, a guy that's well rounded.

    Seth Rollins I think is most in danger of falling into obscurity. They're going to have to be careful with him if they try to break him off into a singles star. I think of Matt Hardy when I think of a singles run for him... which is no shame, not everyone can be at the top, but I just think like Matt Hardy, he's going to be most remembered for being part of a group and not for being a singles wrestler.

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    CM Punk is the the one to look at. The guy DOES NOT look like a wrestler. He's a guy that is great on the mic and had a lot of support up high - people like the Undertaker were reportedly high on him. He's a good wrestler, but he's hardly a WWE wrestler. He just has amazing, on the spot mic skills. It's that split second reaction that makes someone go from average, to captivating. The Rock, Austin, Jericho all had that talent of thinking on their feet (Jericho and the jeritron the other week for example - "It's already gone you idiot!"). What helps them is that they came from a time where it wasn't scripts, but bullet points - the wording and the stuff around those bullet points is all them, which makes it natural.
    Ambrose is another that has rave reviews from a lot in FCW. There are certain trainers in developmental that if they vouch for you, you get a shot. He's another with very good mic skills.

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    I'm not fully convinced but I'm going with reigns. In today's WWE, look is almost everything and watching this video of all three of them, Reigns definitely has the 'Superman' thing going for him, especially at the end.

    basically the end of this match is pretty frigign cool, watch.

    added: + although this opinion may sound incredibly ignorant, i just dont see the appeal in dean Ambrose other than his mic skill and height. Also, seth jumps around alot... the next kofi?
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    [thinks about midcard]


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