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  • Spicy - This is something that could be awesome but could also hurt the X-Division

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    Just a taste... *Possible Spoilers*

    So I have done my best to sit on this topic long enough for everyone to see this past week’s Impact. This past week, we saw for the first time since 2009 one of my favorites from the TNA X-Division,

    Petey Williams

    was on a TNA television show. I have avoided the spoilers for the ONO PPVs as I am intending to purchase a selected few, so I was un-aware of him participating in certain ones thus far. He along with another guy (Sorry to be so indirect, but I am avoiding the spoiler because I hate when it happens to me) will be facing Christian York this week for a shot at Kenny King.

    With this being said, I have heard a lot of skeptical views on the new direction for the X-Division. However, if the new division set up is leading to guys like this returning every so often (I have yet to hear of a contract for him) along with the addition of younger Indy talent like the one involved in this week’s match, I am all for the new direction. It might not have made sense to me for the revamp to go in the direction it went, but having this as my first bite into the new way, I must say that I love the taste I have in my mouth right now.

    TNA, to their credit, might not appear to be moving the division in the direction I thought I wanted, but they are at least trying to do something with the division. This being the introduction into the division has left me pleasantly surprised, but what about my fellow members of the forums; how do you feel about the idea of this becoming a regular occurrence when determining the new #1 to X-Champ?

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