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Thread: Puroresu Thread

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    Just finished watch Wrestle Kingdom 9,my thoughts:

    0.Rumble match - few legend surprises I didn't expect
    1.Tag team 4 way match - great opening match to hype the crowd,fast and furious,everyone looks good here.
    2.I'm a fan of Honma,fun match and promoting Jarrett and GFW.
    3.Its been a while I watch Naomichi wrestle,poor dude had multiple injuries throughout his career,Mikey and Shane NOAH mainstay I guess,nothing much shown here as it was a quick match.
    4.I don't get Sakuraba hype,this dude sucks ass,obviously he was one of former NJPW young lion before he went for I don't know,vale tudo/mma career and then return to NJPW again.He didn't even try to adapt puroresu style,he can't even sell worth a shit,Masakatsu Funaki from AJPW was a former mma turn wrestler,or even Akebono who also found by Muto,atleast they adapt to puroresu style.I just hope NJPW management not decide to put any belt on Sakuraba.I watch this match because of Minoru Suzuki,or else I skip.
    5.One of my favorite match,both Ishii and Makabe stiff the hell out of each other,my favorite type of strong style.
    6.I don't think Kenny fit in all this Bullet Club thing,should've be singles gaijin wrestler,finally Taguchi add hip attack in his arsenal despite hip swinging Funky weapon persona for years.
    7.Tag match for the IWGP tag titles - Never like Doc Gallows,under utilized during his SES run with Punk or Aces and Eight storyline in TNA sure,but here in NJPW he is overhype just like Davey Boy Smith,Jr in my opinion ("grrr I'm gaijin I'm a bad mofos,I curse and swear you japanese people don't understand what I'm saying grrrr" = generic gaijin,no way in hell they are at level of Scott Norton,Vader,Hansen or Steve Williams)
    8.I'm worry AJ Styles botch his Style Clash again,it was an ok match
    9.Another one of my favorite match,Nakamura and Ibushi hit each other hard,those kicks,slaps and punch to the face man,and there was one sick spot where Ibushi springboard into...seeing to believe it...Ibushi for IWGP champ one day
    10.Main event was not bad,nothing special either,because I think the two met in singles match plenty of times and Okada cash in like twice now?

    my 2 cent.

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    I'll be damned if there's a match this year better than Ibushi vs Nakamura.
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    I haven't logged on in over a year and I just had to come here and talk about how bad ass Wrestle kingdom was!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom 9 and to also hear JR calling again.
    Finally watched it and its the first ppv I liked all the way thru. I would have actually paid for it. And JR was great to hear, so was Striker(as opposed to any current Raw announcers)

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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