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    World of Wrestling 2013



    All champions will be won over a period of time







    Future Shock (Kyle O Riley & Adam Cole)
    Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Riley)
    American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)
    International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel)
    Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)
    The Rockness Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)
    The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
    The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)
    TWGT T (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

    The roster is large and exstensive and uses WWE, TNA, and Independent Stars along with Wrestling Legends. Therefor I will not post any of the roster.
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    Jim Ross & Mike Tenay welcome the fans to the first ever episode of WOW ANARCHY

    You’re going down by The Sick Puppies plays

    WOW Owner Paul Heyman comes out to the ring with microphone in hand

    In the ring

    Heyman: This is WOW the greatest wrestling promotion on this planet and you want to know why that is? It is a machine it will continue to grow and evolve with the future because it is just that the future of professional wrestling unlike where other wrestling promotions have failed we will thrive.

    Kurt Angle comes out with a microphone in hand and makes his way out to the ring

    Back in the ring

    Angle: I agree with you Paul that is funny because I never thought I would say those words. But your right this company is a machine that will evolve with the times well what better way than having a wrestling machine like me being the first WOW World Heavyweight Champion. So why don’t you just announce me as champion right now.

    Before Heyman can ask Roderick Strong comes out with microphone in hand

    Back in the ring

    Strong: No disrespect meant Kurt you are truly one of the all time greats of this business but that doesn’t mean that you deserve to be crowed champion without wrestling in a match so how about this I challenge you to a match at WOW Brawl of the New Year between you and I and the winner is the first World of Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. What do you say?

    Angle: I am sorry but who are you kid why are you in my ring? I am the Wrestling Machine and The only Olympic Gold Medallist in professional wrestling. You’re not in my league kid you have never done anything you’re not worthy to face me.

    Strong: Well there is this

    He drops the microphone and him and Angle brawl until Heyman gets security involved to separate them.

    Heyman: I am sorry to interrupt gentlemen but we have to get along with the show and I have decided that I will make that match official so at WOW New Year Brawl it will be Kurt Angle one on one Roderick Strong for to crown the first ever World of Wrestling World Champion.

    We go to commercial as Security keeps Angle and Strong separate

    Commercial Break

    Match 1 Kevin Steen beat James Storm

    Finish: Strom went for a Last Call Superkick but Steen caught the boot and sun Storm around and nailed a Sleeper Suplex. Then picked Storm up and kicked him in the gut and nailed a Package Piledriver and covers for the pin.

    After the match Steen picked Storm up and nailed another Package Piledriver then spat on Storm and left.

    We cut to the backstage area where Steen is walking and Josh Mathews tries to interview him but Storm comes running at Steen and they brawl until Security breaks it up.

    Match 2 The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin beat Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole)

    Finish: Cole & Sabin are the legal men in the ring and Cole kicks Sabin in the gut and puts him on his shoulders and is about to go for a move when Rhino runs through the crowd and attacks O’Reilly and pulls him off the apron and then hits him with a Gore.

    Back in the ring Cole who was distracted which allows Sabin to recover and get off Cole’s shoulders and waits for Cole to turn around and then kicks him in the stomach and nails a Cradle Shock and cover Cole for the pin.

    After the match

    Rhino gets in the ring and the Guns hold Cole up and Rhino nails a gore on him.

    All three stand stall as refs check on Cole & O’Reilly

    Commercial Break

    Todd Grisham asks Kurt Angle on what he thinks of Roderick Strong

    Angle replies by saying that Strong is nothing compared to him

    Angle walks off

    We cut to the office of WOW Owner Paul Heyman

    Heyman: Starting this week we will have a 12 man tournament to crown the first ever WOW X division champion the semi and finals will happen at WOW NEW YEAR BRAWL.

    Back to the ring

    Match 3 WOW X Division Tournament Match TJ Perkins beat Jay Lethal

    Finish: Lethal knocks Perkins down and drags him to one of the corners and climbs to the top rope. Lethal goes for a diving elbow but Perkins gets his knees up and Lethal crashes into them and rolls around in pain.

    Perkins waits for Lethal to get up and then grabs him and lays him out with a Detonation Kick (Fireman’s Cary dropped into an overhead kick) and covers him to advance.

    Commercial Break

    Backstage The Young Bucks are talking about how great they are when they see The Hardy Boys Jeff & Matt.

    They have words which lead to The Hardy Boys challenging the Bucks to a match next week

    Back to the ring

    Match 4 WOW X Division Tournament Match Christian York beat Zema Ion

    Finish: Ion grabs a can of hairspray but the ref grabs it off him and while he is getting rid of it Ion kicks York in the balls and gets him in position in for a Gory Bomb but York reverses it into a sunset flip powerbomb for the pin and to advance.

    Commercial Break

    Match 5 Kurt Angle beat Austin Aires

    Finish: Aires nails a kick on Angle which causes him to fall down and Aires drags him to one of the corners and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Aires goes for the 450 splash but Angle moves and Aires crashes to the mat.

    Angle then picks Aires up and nails an Angle Slam and then locks in the Ankle Lock and Aires holds on but eventually taps.

    After the match

    Angle keeps the hold on and Aires screams in pain until Aires friend Roderick Strong comes running out and gets into the ring and Angle releases the hold and looks like he is going to fight strong but then leaves.

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    Current World of Wrestling NEW YEAR BRAWL CARD

    WOW Championship match The Messiah of the Backbreaker Roderick Strong VS The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle

    WOW X Division Tournament brackets Semi Final & Final will happen at WOW NEW YEAR BRAWL

    Semi Final Match TJ Perkins VS Christian York

    Semi Final Match ??? VS ???

    Semi Final Match ??? VS ???

    Final Match ??? VS ???
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    First of all, I'd like to start by saying that I'm happy that you chose Paul Heyman as the boss of WOW. That guy makes a perfect heel boss.

    Kurt Angle saying that he wants the title to be awarded to him? Sounds good, as he's making himself known as a heel. Roderick Strong interrupts, which is sick- because I'm a mark. Strong and Angle brawl, after Angle says that he isn't in Angle's league. Great way to start off WOW, with a brawl. Heyman announces Angle vs. Strong for the first PPV- bloody awesome mate.

    Steen defeats Storm, and him being the dirty bastard that he is- he attacks Storm, and spits on him before leaving. Steen is one of the greatest heels in wrestling today IMO, and I think this was a great way for him to gain heat, as Storm is super-over with the crowd. Steen heads to the back, as he goes to get interviewed- but a pissed off James Storm attacks him from behind, signalling a feud. I think two brawls in a row is too much, for my liking- I think you should have had Storm just hit Steen, so Steen could retaliate next week.

    MCMG! FUCK YES! They defeat Future Shock, in what would be a sick match. After the match, they help Rhino hit a Gore on Cole! Great way to introduce the beast that is Rhino. Could Rhino and MCMG form some kind of alliance? If so, it'd be interesting for sure.

    Angle is interviewed, about what he thinks of Strong- and he immediately writes him off as a threat, nice stuff- though I'd like to have seen an appearance from somebody else, since you could've used this segment for next week.

    Heyman announces a tournament to crown the first ever X Division Champion! Awesome, hopefully- the finals of the tournament is Ultimate X, as that would simply give the X Division the honor, and the prestige it deserves.

    TJ Perkins defeats Jay Lethal to advance, nice stuff- though I'm a massive fan of Lethal, so I hope you have big plans for him.

    Young Bucks talk about how they are the best tag team, but they're interrupted by the Hardy Boyz- as Hardy Boyz challenge them to a match next week! Awesome stuff, the future of the tag team division against one of the teams that made the tag team division awesome. Awesome stuff there.

    Christian York defeats Zema Ion. Nice going- but I think Ion should've picked up the win, since I like him more than York. No worries though, should be great.

    And finally, Aries vs. Angle- oh my god, that must have been so bloody sick! Angle makes Aries tap, and he keeps the hold going- until Strong makes the save. Awesome stuff to end the show. However, I'm gonna admit- I ain't a big fan of Aries tapping out, as I feel that the guy should be pushed to the top, or hell- even a top player in the X-Division. It should be great though, as Strong/Angle is getting more heated.

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    Tune in this week for the second ever episode of World of Wrestling Anarchy when Long time friends The Messiah of the Backbreaker Roderick Strong & A Double Austin Aires team up with Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O' Reilly) to take on the team of The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle & The Motor City Madness Connection (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelly & Rhino) in a no rules elimination brawl.

    And for the first time ever The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) take on The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)

    The tournament to crown the first ever World of Wrestling X Division Champion continues when we have 2 more first round matches

    Trent Barretta takes on Petey Williams
    Sonjay Dutt takes on Paul London

    And much more
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