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    I think Evan Bourne needs a run in NXT, then a short run on Superstars,to enable him to get back to work, get used to the surroundings again and help him get back into the rhythm of preforming again and then he can come back onto the main roster again..I always liked him and though this guy could make a good Intercontinental Champion one day...

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    Reunite Air Boom ... as heels.

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    I'm still hoping for them to ghetto heel turn kofi so a gabriel bourne team would be my suggestion would be nice looking at stereo 450 shooting star splashes I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    Future Endeavour the accident prone, pothead. I've not missed him in the slightest. Free up his wages for someone who actually stands a chance of having a lasting, decent career.
    I'm with you. Bourne does absolutely nothing for me.

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    Evan Bourne is great for the kids so I can see him being back on the main roster soon, but a NXT run could help him back into the swing of things. While I am not a fan of his face work in the WWE, Matt Sydal is a great heel character and would love to see him transition that into his WWE character. I liked the stuff I saw of him on the Indies (especially the WSX work) and think he has great potential IF they allow him to turn; which I don't see. He is loved by the kids for his shooting star and his ring pose that always reminds me of Ken from Street Fighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    The same reason you'd waste a roster spot on Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd and the like.
    They are exactly the reason I wouldn't. They have enough smaller, athletic, high flying, spot monkeys without Evan 'stoned or broken' Bourne.

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    I'd keep him on NXT for a bit to get him back in ring shape. Than have him come back heel to feud with Kofi. We have yet to see how a Heel Bourne would work in WWE. Plus he can sell moves pretty damn well. If anything he can be used to help put over others. Personally I'd love to see him with a mid card title. He is one of the best high flyers in WWE.

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    Welcome back Mr. Bourne here is your agenda.

    Monday 1st April 2013 - Jobbing
    until 26th April 2013 - Future Endeavour

    I have assumed they will start clearing on that date!

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    Okay, I am not on any side here, but I think he deserves another chance. True, he has broken the wellness policy twice and he has frequent injuries, but is that really enough to cast him aside as a no-talent, stoned, broken wrestler? No, it isn't. Of course, when Swagger gets a dui during a larger title shot, is boring with every title he has and I think is less exciting than Bourne, who cares. But in reality, I have gotten more than second chances in my life so we shouldn't throw him out that easy. He is exciting to watch, if they turn him heel, it will be good and he can help a struggling midcard and tag team division, maybe for cruiserweights if they come.....rather see Jtg, Khali, Tatsu, Mahal and Ziggler fired before him......ha, just kidding about Ziggler, but everyone else can hit the showers. Anyways, if you guys are so annoyed, at least you get a fresh jobber who can sell and you have another one sitting on the sideline, not like his is impacting anyone else.

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    Stay in NXT, get back in shape, come back to the main roster, and become a figure in the mid card. Bourne is one of the best all around athletes in the WWE pound for pound. As a in ring performer he has the skills to be the best. He's better then Ziggler when it comes to actually ring work.


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