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    Which current WWE performers should be in the hall of fame when they retire?

    I thought I'd start a thread with a very simple premise but would obviously strike interesting and fun conversations about peoples favorite wrestlers. So I pose this question for you guys...Which 5 full time active WWE performers (in or outside the ring) deserve to be in the hall of fame if their careers were to end today the most? I'll start by putting forth my opinion which you guys will likely agree with some but disagree with others. sorry if someone has already come up with this thread.

    here are my five picks

    Kane- This man is a legend and everyone knows it. He is arguably the greatest big man of all time, and has managed to stay relevant in the WWE for a decade and a half. Whether it be tweener, face, or heel he has done it all.

    John Cena- He's the Current face of the WWE who has carried the company on his shoulders more so than any other superstar in the past decade. He's a 10 time WWE champion and a 2 time WHC... not much more needs to be said

    Big Show- This giant was relevant in WCW and is still relevant in WWE today. He has played a great face in the past and did well as a heel champion in the not so distant past.

    Randy Orton- Arguably the greatest rival to John Cena as a heel he was wicked to watch during the ruthless aggression era. While his face persona isn't as fun to watch he still entertains me and the youngest world champion in history no doubt is a future hall of famer.

    Cm Punk- I know people are going to disagree with me snubbing some people with a longer career than punk but my question was for people who are currently still active in WWE and to me Punk has not only been active but he has been the second most relevant superstar in WWE today for the past year or so. This is the reason I snubbed people like Mark Henry and in place put Punk in his place.

    Who would be the guys you think deserve it the most and what do you think of my 5 superstar list?


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