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    Really good film, and series. Great performances. I loved how the era, and environment in which it was set, became like another fundamental character of the film. Stephen Graham scarilly unnerving with his work here.
    It's really great to see an actor of Graham's caliber getting the opportunities he has. Allow me to sound totally nerdy here, but the juxtaposed bent to his personality had me immensely emotionally invested in him. On one side you had this basically good guy who really felt for Shaun's situation having lost his father and wanted to fill the void for him while all the while the air hung heavy with malevolence and you felt that him kicking off was only a heart beat away. I really like Joseph Gilgun too as Woody. Just got the vibe that he could be something big one day. Lol, the funny thing was when I transitioned from the movie to the 'series', I didn't think Smell could get any weirder looking but wait, yes she does, in spectacular fashion.

    On Godzilla - I just feel it's been done to death.

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