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    I was going to mention Confessions... as a favourite of mine too. What's with the guy he played huh? Was he legit or an absolute nutter? It's such a fantastic tale and Clooney doesn't get the credit for it either that he deserves, I think it was his directorial debut?
    I absolutely agree about MM being a great Cage role and I am not a huge Cage fan. I am of certain things he's done, like I was watching Raising Arizona again the other day. I even sort of enjoyed him in Bad Lieutenant: New Orleans where he was doing the "good crazy Cage" but I still find his performances in movies like The Rock and Face/Off to be abhorrent and OTT. Fortunately I have found if I watch those movies without my serious face and judgement hat on, I can enjoy them as pure farcical action comedies - I can imagine them almost as National Lampoon movies. But to me, they'll always signify the overblown 90's crap that we just seemed to be inundated with - like all those friggin' disaster movies of the time - Armageddon, The Core, Volcano, Daylight, Deep Impact. Gag me with a spoon!

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