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    The Movie Thread

    - Oldboy
    - City of God
    - Zombieland
    - Black Dynamite (I hate to admit it, but I got a good kick out of it)
    - Hot Tub Time Machine

    The first 2 are in my top favorites, the others are just too ridiculous to miss out on lol

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    Shaun of the Dead
    Dark Knight
    Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle(I think they should put Neil Patrick Harris in every movie as long as he plays the jerk/asshole

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    Office Space

    Back to the Future(all 3)

    Boondock Saints


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    lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
    fight club
    green street
    bill and ted excellant adventure
    terminator 2

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    The Expendables

    Has anyone seen it? I thought it was a pretty good movie action wise, and a decent plot.

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    im gonna watch it tommorow with some friends, its mannight at the cinema then so beer is cheaper.

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    IMO it's a hard hittin action movie filled with explosions & shooting.

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    I haven't watched it yet but im deffo going to see it its looks wicked & i just love jason statham lol x
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    The films of Andrei Tarkovsky (Stalker, Solaris and Andrei Rublev especially) are a good introduction to highly artistic cinema, and highly entertaining to boot. Full of awesome scenes and long-takes such as these:

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    The Human Centipede (First Sequence) just because how sick the idea is.

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