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    A really interesting wrestlemania after prediction

    Funny every year, my family and friends over here thinks that this is the year Cena is turning. I must admit it smells lately like the vintage formula of a heel turn, finally. Could we be disappointed? Of course. Here were 3 predictions. First was the prediction that has been stated before about the shield surrounding the ring, tossing the brass knucks to Cena for the win. That is my prediction. The next one, was Cena losing then going ape sh*t, hitting the Rock with the belt, ripping down signs, pushing down the cameraman. Basically throwing a fit. Those 2 predictions are pretty typical.

    But here's one the old man here gave that I have not read anywhere and was really interesting. Cena wins by putting his foot on the ropes or holding tights. Next night on RAW Cena has a new advocate/mgr, kind of like Punk has with Heyman. That advocate and mouthpeice before Cena decides the people are worthy to see him, is none other than John Laurinatis.

    You can't have a ppv or a show without your franchise player. Show some respect....for John Cena. Read it in Big Johnny's voice.

    Now that would be some heel heat and a half.

    I thought it was a cool prediction, so I just wanted to share it. Fire away....


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