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    This is good.

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    Hi! I'm Rebecca and I have been a fan of the WWE for 12 years. I do not care for TNA but I do watch it when nothing else is on tv. I love video games and have about 20 wrestling games.
    If you're a fan of Randy Orton, join the Randy Orton Fan Club

    PSN ID: WWE_Charmed_Diva

    RIP Lance Cade and Luna Vachon

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    Hello everyone, I've been a fan of wrestling pretty much my whole life. My first PPV i remember seeing was Rumble 92 when I was 6, think I watched every wrestling show and ppv from then until the early 2000's when I started to drift away alittle from wrestling. Over the past two years I really got back into it and realise its just part of my life. Really looking forward to some discussions and plan on starting a Booker thread shortly that I hope uses will enjoy.

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    Hi alll, quick drop in to say helllo, my user name is my name, hope to find good discussion and debates around these parts.

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    Hello all, i've always wanted to find a wrestling blog spot. Im a majority WWE fan on the wrestling side and also a huge MMA fan. Looking forward to having good back and forths with you guys.

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    Hey! Im Richard, and a Big Indy Wrestling fan.

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    Hi I'm KellyKellysOtherHalf (I wish!) also known as Dan.. Big WWE fan. Favourite Diva is Kelly Kelly if you hadn't guessed!!!

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    hi, im mr. jones after the cult leader of jonestown
    can someone pm me about signatures, i cant seem to make them work and i tried all the links provided by photobucket and the urls of pictures and cant seem to get them to work.

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    My name is Klebyano, I'm from Brazil , this are the best site of Wrestling. I'm Fan of Brazilian Wrestling Federation, TNA and WWE.

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    Sup people Been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember I'm a Raw & TNA Fan smackdown is disappointing


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