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    Come on guys i only need one guy to step in.

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    Superstar Name: Chase “The Ace” Walker

    Alias: The Ace

    Hometown: Providence, RI

    Weight Class: 6’ 2’’

    Weight: 225 lbs.

    Heel/ Face

    Attire and Color: Singlet, Knee pads, and boots. Black singlet with gold trim, gold knee pads, black boots.

    Physical Looks: Short hair almost shaved (CM Punk short), Jack Swagger body type and skin tone, in shape, no real abs, defined muscles.

    Ring Style: Amateur college style wrestling. Takes the occasional high risk move. (Almost like Shelton Benjamin with a little less highflying and a little more Kurt Angle/ Jack Swagger)

    Finisher Moves: Ace in the Hole (Olympic Slam); Ace of Spades (Ankle Lock)

    Signature Moves: Snap suplex, Snap scoop powerslam, Abdominal stretch, Side belly to belly suplex, Running knee, Rear naked choke, Stinger splash, Springboard clothesline

    Entrance Song:

    Promotions Worked: HWA Total Resistance; JBW KillZone

    EFed Titles: None

    Gimmick: Champion Amateur Wrestler, Motivates others

    Bio: As a young child in school Chase was bullied, was never included in anything and never had any real friends. Upon graduating high school Chase entered the U.S. Naval Academy where he is a former NCAA collegiate wrestler. While in training for the Navy Seals, one of his comrades noticed that he had a lot of pent up anger when people doubted him, or bullied him, so he suggested Chase try wrestling. He was successful as a collegiate wrestler and despite not being the favorite, Chase went on to win a NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship at his weight class, and from there pursued a job in professional wrestling. He has had many doubters throughout his career, in school or the Navy, but despite that Chase would work hard and was determined to prove the doubters wrong and achieve success. Chase was known for pulling out an ‘Ace’ move out of nowhere to pick up the win, hence the nickname “The Ace.” He has come to prove to people that he is a diversified athlete that can succeed as a professional wrestler and prove his doubters wrong. Walker has trained with former collegiate standouts Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger, both of whom were successful in the WWE. Walker is a fan favorite because he can relate to those that try to prove their doubters wrong and he hopes to inspire people to overcome and prove their doubters wrong by using hard work and determination to achieve their goals.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    One guy just one only come on give this a chance you won't regret it

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    Still need one. Hummmmmm......

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTC View Post
    Still need one. Hummmmmm......
    Well? You game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    Well? You game?
    Yup. I'll use Darren Bull this time around. I'll have that bio for you in awhile.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Gimmick Name: Darren Bull

    Nickname:The Destruction


    Weight:186 lbs.

    Hometown: Dallas,TX.

    Billed From: Detroit,MI.


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length - Fohawk (Blonde)

    ----------------Eye Colour - Blue

    ---------------- Facial Hair- None

    --------Ring attire - Blue Trunks with the words Destruction. No knee pads and black wrist bands.Also a black like Daniel Bryan's jacket.

    ------Backstage Attire - A lawyer type of suit and sunglasses.

    ----------------Physical Features - Tan.


    Alignment (Heel or Face, not Tweener):Heel

    Main Gimmick:Hollywood Type Kid

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:1)Uses his looks to trick people, he likes to look at his own reflection.2)Likes to tell the truth about other people even if he puts down their low confidence.

    Strengths/Weaknesses (3 of each):
    -Can trick people
    -Takes lots of risks
    -Charms ladies
    -he also likes to use some submission moves
    -Can't take the crowds criticism
    -Gets in trouble a lot
    -Argues too much with the ref

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Brief History: Darren Bull as a boy knew he was destine to be a WZCW superstar and be successful. He has a background of getting everything he wants cause of his looks.But still growing up his dad use to beat him up.At the age of 8 he saw his mom die and that is when he took notice that he had to start working out to defend himself.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:His songs starts playing and when he comes out he take his time. The reason being is because he is telling everybody how good he looks. Once he gets to the ropes he unzippes his jacket and gets up to turnbuckles and takes up the heat of the crowd.

    Finishing Moves:Awesome Punishment (Just like Cody Rhode's Dashing Kick)

    15 Most Used Moves: (No finishers, 3 signature moves):
    Fisherman Suplex
    Swinger Neckbreaker
    Flying Closthline
    Flying Elbow
    Elbow to the face
    Sucker Punch
    Knee To The Face
    Spinning heel kick
    Sliding forearm smash
    Bionic elbow
    knife edge chops
    Tilt-a-whirl crossbody
    Lou Thesz press
    Eye rake
    Double knee lift
    Palm strike

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Name: Jack “The Jaxsman” Johnson

    Nicknames: JJJ, Jaxsman, The other J Man, Jobber #1

    A face
    Ethenticy: White
    Weight: 190

    He has a tat of Mighty Mouse on both upper arms, wears black shorts, white boots- always wears a shirt that says “Never Give Up”. Has long dirty blonde hair, clean shaven.

    Finisher Move: Pile driver- he calls it “da Jack Hammer”
    Signiture Moves: Clothesline- he calls it “da J Line”

    Backstory: From Alaska, loves family and friends. Wants to be friends with everybody. Loves the fans, will do anything for them. Has been a wrestler for 8 years, traveled all over the world, worked for many different feds. Has a never say die atitude. Will accept any match given to him. Has only won one match during his career- against the Ultimate Warrior- That match had started but Warrior was still doing his promo- after 5 minutes of blah blah blah, Jack rolled him up for the win. He then aplogized afterward. Jack offered to restart the match but Warrior already walked to the back because he had already been paid. He eventually moved on the EWA where he continued his losing streak before beating Dingo Mac on a house show- he then went back to his losing ways. JJJ thinks of himself as a ladies man- but he is not. He gets very nervous around women, any woman- especially if they are hot. He had an affair with his best friends mother for about 2 weeks before he got scared and ran off to the world of wrestling

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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