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    Ah, what the hell, I'll join up for another go at it. Here's hoping I can get past the 1st round

    Chris Diamond
    IWA Endurance Champion

    Antonio Rizzo
    Chaos Roster member

    Head of IWA Chaos

    Wade Barrett
    Former Member of the United Kingdom stable

    Daniel Bryan


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    Ok, not sure how the Grand Prix Works, but hey, I will throw my guy into it.

    Name: Abel

    Nickname: The Burned

    Height: 7'2

    Weight: 497lbs

    Theme: A Great Fire by Silverstein

    Alignment: Tweener Face

    Finisher(s): A Cleansing Fire (Double Underhook Piledriver); Breath The Smoke (Maniable Claw)

    Signature Moves: Abelbomb (Sitout Powerbomb); The Children's Chokeslam (Chokeslam Bacbreaker followed by a Sitout Chokeslam)

    Bio: Abel is psychotic, and while naturally a good person, he often has trouble knowing what is right and wrong. Usually believing that his actions are justified by the means.

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    -Superstar name: Aidan "The Weapon" Black

    -Entrance song/Motion: ["Out of My Way" by Seether] He comes out wearing MMA pants, no boots, taped ankles, taped fists, and white t-shirt. Rips t-shirt in half, and puts on his gloves in his pockets.

    -Finishing move(s):

    - Annihilator (Kick to the gut, lift up, and turns opponent upside down, drops them like a missile, landing on their head, a modified Brainbuster)

    - KOK (Knock Out Kick) [Has opponent clinched, knees to the face, dazing opponent, they stand stunned and wobbly, and Black then delivers a measured and precise spinning heel kick to the jaw of the opponent, knocking them unconscious)

    - Crowbar Breaker (Submission move: Opponent is on the ring, face down, and Black steps on both wrists of opponent and grabs the opponents head and pulls until the opponent taps)

    -Signature moves: Leg Sweep, Takedown, Clothesline, Spinning Elbow, DDT, Many Jabs to Opponent's Face (stunning them), Chokehold, any sort of minor submission move

    -Weight: 239 LBs

    -Height: 6'2"

    -Alignment-Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel

    -Gimmick: MMA Fighter, sent to jail for 5 years for attempted murder, fought in prison MMA fights, unsanctioned, and was released and now is in wrestling.

    -Short bio: Aidan "The Weapon" Black was an up and coming MMA star with Strikeforce, until he got into a fight at a bar against a bouncer who was manhandling his girlfriend (Black's) and almost killed him with a chokehold. He broke 5 bones in the Bouncer's face (Both orbital bones, nose, jaw and right cheekbone) and also crushed bouncer's voicebox, causing him to lose the ability to speak. Brought to prison on attempted murder charges, he fought in the underground prison MMA fights, bare knuckle, blood, and not won until someone is knocked out cold. He was paroled on good behavior after 5 years, was never allowed back into any MMA companies, and eventually went into wrestling. Hates everyone because they hate him because of his crime despite him only trying to save his girlfriend. Believes in ruthless aggression, and not stopping a fight or hurting them until they are either unconscious or broken completely.

    Attachment 3706

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

    Count me in!
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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    Good to have you guys and welcome back Krysys. If you have any question on how it works check the first page of the discussion thread.

    3 spots left

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    count JJJ in. Can not post his bio until I get home though- Friday and can do no promos until then. Its on my lap top, though I kind of think I have it in the TWE roster thread

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    count JJJ in. Can not post his bio until I get home though- Friday and can do no promos until then. Its on my lap top, though I kind of think I have it in the TWE roster thread
    Cool bro good to have you again

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    Hey why not, I'll throw my name in, count Chase 'The Ace' Walker in. Will throw up a bio a bit later

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.G.G. View Post
    Hey why not, I'll throw my name in, count Chase 'The Ace' Walker in. Will throw up a bio a bit later
    Thanks bro, good to have you

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    Sorry. Forgot to submit my stuff. Lol.


    Name: Sebastian Noctura

    Age: 28

    From: Parts unknown

    Alignment: Mutual

    Basic Moves:

    Classic DDT

    Figure 4 Leg-lock

    Tornado DDT


    Eye rake

    German Suplex

    Three Amigos

    Running bulldog

    Leg drop from the top rope

    Running clothesline


    Sidewalk slam


    Belly to Belly

    Signature Moves:

    Side effect from the top rope

    Code Breaker (but not letting go) followed by a Hell's Gate submission.

    Finishing Moves:

    The Assassination (The Canadian Destroyer)

    Fallen Angel (Samoan spike to pressure point)


    Brief Biography:

    Sebastian was a Hitman before he chose the wrestling life. Beneath the fancy suit he normally wears his flesh can be seen riddled with scars from his days on duty. Sebastian was a tough guy, who did not take anything from anyone and was highly skilled in Muay Thai. When he is given targets he took them out swiftly and left no witnesses. As time went on Sebastian drifted away from his life as a Hitman and moved away to a small place. Alone in his life he began to train his body in amazing ways. Every morning he would whip his back with beads as a form of pain endurance training. After this he would lift weights and go jogging. After several years of this he looked for a way to utilize his new found abilities and began street fighting in dark alleys and abandoned warehouses where he would enjoy a few wins and one loss. With only one loss he decided to walk away from this dangerous street fighting life and started to look at a new playing field in the wrestling world; A professional one.

    Sebastian searched high and low and it took him no time at all to get into the Indy Scene as a professional. This would be his thing for the next 2 years, and during this time Sebastian knew that he was bound for success. Holding a total of 4 championships (and eventually losing them) Sebastian was officially crowned as a Indy darling. Sebastian could only wonder how long he could keep his new found dream alive without his past catching up with him. As Sebastian grew larger, so did the amount of enemies he gained. This eventually led to a locker room fight that occurred between Sebastian and another wrestler. On that particular day the wrestler approached Sebastian with a knife and went to jab it into his side. Sebastian, being highly skilled, moved to the side and missed the knife by just a few inches, then followed the counter by grasping the wrestlers arm and snapping it at the elbow. This forced the wrestler to drop the knife, and while the wrestler cried out in pain Sebastian ran his knee into the wrestlers ribcage as hard as he could. The wrestler was down on the floor wailing like a baby as Sebastian walked away.

    He enjoyed his time on the Indy scene, but eventually Sebastian began to want more. He had always watched wrestling on tv growing up and being just 28 years old he knew that he only had so many years left in him. Setting out to make his dream a reality he gave his notice to his employer and sent out a letter to all of the big time companies in hopes that one of them would sign him. He was just itching to kick some butt, and the drive to perform on a big stage is what has kept him going for this long. After news broke out about this Sebastian was approached by a local news outlet and they interviewed his decision to go to the big leagues. The highlight of the interview was simply him saying, "I will go wherever I go.. It does not matter! As long as there are people around to hurt. I will be there."

    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    No prob TDA thanks for adding the bio


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