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    Will McGillicutty ever be perfect?

    I was watching a promo from NXT with McGillicutty and Tyson Kidd, and I thought McGillicutty was actually decent on the mic. I've seen McGillicutty have good matches in NXT with Kidd. I even saw a match with Tensai he had and I felt he sold well, and even had the crowd on his side as a babyface. So my question is, where do you guys see McGillicutty in the next two years. Do you see him on TV at all, (I've heard McGillicutty was training The Rock, and he called him solid so maybe that I might help his career) and do you guys ever see McGillicutty ever matching the success of his father.


    Oh here is a match which shows McGillicutty working as a babyface.

    And one of his matches with Kidd.


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