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    When I started watching Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man and all these other larger then life characters were like superheros.

    I dont watch as much anymore as I dont have pay tv. I watch it everynow and then at friends houses. I like TNA more then WWE.

    WWE is very boring now their isnt many cool characters. Not much at all that I enjoy checking out, but I will always try to watch it as I hope one day it will be good again.

    In the last couple of years Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have been the only things getting me excited.

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    My dad got me into watching when I was a little kid, so I've been watching since 1984 and haven't stopped since.

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    My daddy & Stone Cold Steve Austin. Daddy watched it with his granddaddy so he introduced me to it. I was born 1993 but I've been watching wrestling since probably 1997. I loved SCSA & I was hooked. Afterwards I started watching WCW too & for some reason I was a Buff Bagwell fan. I watched WWE consistently & TNA sporadically until like 2007 or 2008 when I grew out of it. After I got paralyzed in 2009 I started watching more TV & subsequently got back into WWE right before WM 26. I learned more about indies & got back into TNA over the last year or so. Now I watch out of habit & for interesting storylines. Plus I watch a lot of DVDs & YouTube videos.
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    My Great Grandfather. He was a true mark for the industry and followed every promotion that would come to the state of Texas. I have quite a large family so all of the men would gather around after family meals and watch/re-watch wrestling tapes he had acquired. The man was so passionate for the business that he threw his shoe at a heel during one of the events hosted in our area. He walked out proud, knowing he hit that low life directly in the back. His passion transitioned to all the males in my family and we all still follow the product due to his influence. It's a great way for us to pay homage to such a stand up, respectable man that he was.

    With this passion, I have watched through 2 decades, soon to be 3 when I hit 30 as I might not remember, but I still was present for these wrestling viewings when I was an infant. The thing that kept me hooked is the amazing athleticism of these performers. Be it the Lucha Libre performers, the fluidity of an guy like AJ Styles or Austin Aries, or the abilities to seemingly look super human at times (Kofi with the height he gets, Ziggler looking like he's made of rubber, Cesaro's feats of strength), I have always respected and admired these athletes who can do things that I can't. I get a kick when people say it's fake because I don't see how falling 6 feet to a mat flat on your back doesn't cause some form of pain.

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    Because I think it's fucking entertaining


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