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    What is the reason you watch Wrestling?

    Random thread topic. But a lot of people here have been watching wrestling for years, (me included) and my question is what continues to draw you to Wrestling. Most here Watch wrestling on a weekly basis, and my question is why, what do you love about it, and another question to add, what drew you to watch wrestling in the first place.

    For me, I started watching wrestling back in 2002, and I remember the first wrestler that I saw on TV was The Hurricane. I remember him feuding with Jamie Noble at the time, and how they stole his mask. And I remember feeling sad, seeing as how he was my favorite wrestler at the time, and wanting to see how he would get his revenge. The next week I know he did get his mask back. I remember that the two had a ppv match, and I forced my mom to buy the King of the Ring PPV just to see that match. Though The Hurricane lost I remember enjoying the show, and cheering for RVD to win the tournament. And I remember after week I would go for nearly 6 years straight without missing a Raw or Smackdown, since I didn't have DVR to record it. I would love how each week it was completely different, I would love seeing guys like Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Benoit wrestle. And I would enjoy seeing Brock Lesnar freakish strength. And to this day I continue to watch wrestling because I feel it is a major part of my life. ( I even go to wrestling school because I love it so much) I always watch it weekly and the hopes something unexpected happens, I continue to watch it because no matter what I always find one point of the show that I am entertained. And I feel even though the shows can be boring at times, I still love the characters, and the action, and the fans, and I know I will continue to love wrestling until the day I die.

    A little long, but yea. Post your reasons.

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    Chris Jericho... I like entertainment and that guy oozes it. He's not the only person who does it, but tht why I watch wrestling because some people are good at being the entertainers on wrestling shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Chris Jericho... I like entertainment and that guy oozes it. He's not the only person who does it, but tht why I watch wrestling because some people are good at being the entertainers on wrestling shows.
    I loved Chris Jericho when I first started watching, I don't know why but I loved his little feud with Edge back in 2002. It was a major one, but I enjoyed it when I was younger.

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    Edge was my first wrestler who I saw and I remember seeing him and Randy giving Flair a con-chair-to. Somehow, Edge was the guy who stood out to me. He was basically the coolest guy and I supported him no matter if he was heel or face. Now that he is retired my second favorite, John Cena, has stepped up as my current fav.

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    My first draw into wrestling was Big Daddy. UK wrestling was a big thing in the UK when I was growing up and Big Daddy was the super face of televised wrestling (I'm sure helped by the fact his brother ran the biggest promotion here at the time). I remember his feuds with the likes of Fit Finlay, Drew McDonald, Sammy Lee, Dynamite Kid, Roy (William) Regal, Kendo Nagasaki and Chris Adams.

    As for American wrestling it would have to be Hogan, as he was the first really international star that garnered recognition over here and WWE programming and merchandise was all you could easily get your hands on, unless you had relatives in the States who could send stuff over to you.

    Pretty much been a fan since and for me it's just a nice bit of escapism from regular life and the general shit channels churn out these days.

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    I stated watching WCW back in 1998. I started watching because a friend of mine had a wrestling game on his N64, and mentioned that the shows were on Channel 5 each Friday night. I started tuning in and loved it.
    I remember seeing the likes of Bret Hart, Scott Steiner, DDP, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash and my favorite 3; Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting.

    Then of course, WWF bought WCW and programming on free tv stopped. I didn't have Sky or anything so that was the last time I watched wrestling for about 8 years. The only exposure I got was playing wrestling games on the Playstation (so i was aware of who the wrestlers were and all that). Eventually, when I was 17, I got curious about wrestling again. When I was in 6th form we had a PS2 in our common room, and during break time or free lessons we'd have tournaments and the like on SVR. That's what made me curious, so I started going onto the WWE website, and started following the results and such through the website.

    Then after going to university, I obviously had more time on my hands, so instead of filling my time with useless soap operas and such, I decided to add WWE programming to my weekly television fix. I started by watching full shows such as Raw and Smackdown the next day as they were uploaded onto youtube. I then later decided to start staying up to watch Raw live (since I found that I was staying up late anyway, as you do in university).

    Since then I've been following ever since. I don't always stay up to watch shows any more, since I can't stay up on Monday's to watch Raw live, so I'll usually just read the results and then just watch any segments that perk my interest on youtube or the WWE website.

    As for my wrestling history, well I've just taken the time to read up on as much as I can. I'm pretty well read up on the 00's and 90's, but beyond that, it gets sketchy for me.

    So yeah, that's my wrestling history.
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    I'm not so sure anymore, maybe just habit at this point in time.

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    Because it's better than soap opera

    Mind you saying that, shit is going down in Coronation Street

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    A 6 year old seeing this man dressed like the devil destroying everyone looking all menacing and shit, Kane started it for me. After I noticed Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Dudleys, The Rock, Hardy boys. That was all when in Bangladesh, then coming to England in 01, I didn't start watching wrestling again until 03 Survivor Series when some dude called Shawn Micheal stole the show and I've supported him and wrestling since. I lost a little interest around Cena/Edge times but I'm back full time after becoming a Internet wrestling geek.

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    Currently the main reason is FandanGoooooooooo's Dancer, and incase Paige makes an apperance


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