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    What is the reason you watch Wrestling?

    Random thread topic. But a lot of people here have been watching wrestling for years, (me included) and my question is what continues to draw you to Wrestling. Most here Watch wrestling on a weekly basis, and my question is why, what do you love about it, and another question to add, what drew you to watch wrestling in the first place.

    For me, I started watching wrestling back in 2002, and I remember the first wrestler that I saw on TV was The Hurricane. I remember him feuding with Jamie Noble at the time, and how they stole his mask. And I remember feeling sad, seeing as how he was my favorite wrestler at the time, and wanting to see how he would get his revenge. The next week I know he did get his mask back. I remember that the two had a ppv match, and I forced my mom to buy the King of the Ring PPV just to see that match. Though The Hurricane lost I remember enjoying the show, and cheering for RVD to win the tournament. And I remember after week I would go for nearly 6 years straight without missing a Raw or Smackdown, since I didn't have DVR to record it. I would love how each week it was completely different, I would love seeing guys like Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Benoit wrestle. And I would enjoy seeing Brock Lesnar freakish strength. And to this day I continue to watch wrestling because I feel it is a major part of my life. ( I even go to wrestling school because I love it so much) I always watch it weekly and the hopes something unexpected happens, I continue to watch it because no matter what I always find one point of the show that I am entertained. And I feel even though the shows can be boring at times, I still love the characters, and the action, and the fans, and I know I will continue to love wrestling until the day I die.

    A little long, but yea. Post your reasons.


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