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    I never thought I would be saying this...


    Im was watching raw and noticed "we want ryder chants break out and i was instantly thinking of zack ryder mentioning on his show.... but then i realized the show is over. Which made me kinda sad because the show was really entertaining. Especially before it became a "WWE" show.

    I used to watch the show regularly on my phome before id go to sleep.

    I remember me and my cousin started watching it when it just started and we instantly loved zack ryder.
    Especially when HHH announced micheal cole vs anonymous wrestler and zacks music hit, Me and my Cousin jumped out of the couch to celebrate zack ryder being used for on?

    I hope zacks ranting turns into a huge storyline because he deserves to be at least on TV.

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    well he's about to get squashed i would like to see him on tv

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    i was a big fan first

    when he started getting pushed, he did nothing with himself, he tried to be John Cena with the SAME moves and the SAME catchphrases
    he got old quick and did nothing new and fresh to show that he deserved to be there, maybe overestimated his own drawing power

    i mean, his catchphrase "Woo woo woo, you know it" was already years old before Z!TLIS
    And although he was pretty amusing during the early shows, what started as a last chance opportunity to get over quickly turned into a whiny, not has been, but never was, who constantly complains about his demotion.

    what zack doesn't understand is he couldn't live up to his own hype and can't understand the consequences of that

    Didn't mean to rant
    but i'm glad its over
    i liked it initially for it innovative way of getting a nobody over
    but i'm glad that the shows demise has relegated Ryder's "bitching" exclusively to Twitter

    and that's my 2 cents

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    I don't know why WWE hates Zack Ryder, he = $$$

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    I was on Ryder's 2011 bandwagon too...until I he finally got a push. Then I realized why he was rarely on TV in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    I was on Ryder's 2011 bandwagon too...until I he finally got a push. Then I realized why he was rarely on TV in the first place.
    Exactly because he ain't too good in the ring at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    Exactly because he ain't too good in the ring at all.
    So is Sin Cara and he has had so many chances.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTC View Post
    So is Sin Cara and he has had so many chances.
    Sin Cara is fairly good in the ring. WWE never gave him much time to adapt from the Mexican side of wrestling to the WWE Style. He was primarily Mexico based, little to no American experience, so it's been really a learning on the move process for him.
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    Nope do not miss him at all, he was awful through and through...No place for him in wrestling simple as

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2 View Post
    I don't know why WWE hates Zack Ryder, he = $$$
    No he isnt. Sure the IWC loved him but much like everyone else said, he lacks the IT factor. Could he be lacking that factor because he wears pink tights and has a bad dye job? Probably. Not to say its the colour holding him, its the colour on him.

    Look at his character realistically.. A party boy whos the life of the party is the jist I get from it.. But he is also that 28 year old white guy whos balding.

    You know who was in their 20s with a stupid gimmick and was balding? Stone Cold.
    Maybe its a character change the kid needs.
    I know its not 'up to him' but complaining day in and day out gets you nowhere. Just like all the greats have said "I tried to be the first guy there last to leave, spent more time in the gym than that guy over there. When they needed someone I stepped up to the plate." Sure maybe Zack did that for a year but after that he turned to the internet and got love for his antics, with zero back up from the WWE. It would be like if for example someone who voiced a main character on family guy(Chris) had his own show on the side that he worked on(Robot Chicken, Seth Green). Though RC has records for dvd sales and all this, Chris did not become the main character of family guy.

    Also I must pull in some real world experience myself. I work as a comedian. I recently had a 'dark' time where I bitched and complained about the comedy world around me. I did not like that even though I was out doing my gigs that people who were not as good as me were getting opportunities I was not getting. I stopped complaining and started looking as to why. These guys who may not be as skilled as me as an entertainer, are at shows they arent booked for looking to network and meet big shots. I was not. I would show up to my set and listen to music and get 'psyched up' in the back, where these guys would be saying whats up to everyone. After my set I would relax and usually go home when the show ended, meanwhile the guys going places were staying after the show and helping put away the sound equipment and such. Thats why I have been overlooked. So I stopped bitching to my friends and family and went out. Now Im in round 2 of the Toronto Comedy Brawl, a chance to(maybe not be on your TV set) break out and become a talked about name in the Ontario Comedy Scene.


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