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    Smackdown main event

    I know I did kinde fell a sleep last smackdown show, but I thought the main event was orton, show and sheamus vs 3MB!
    don't get me wrong, I like slater and drew, but 3 MB main eventing smackdown?? I feel that they can be mid card wresters but for now this if the jobsquad of the WWE en they are in the main event of the second biggest show? is this the level that smackdown has sunk to?

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    if WWE wasn't so short tempered and vengeful then Drew McIntyre would fit right into the main event these days

    but majority of WWE's matches have become Squash matches, why should main events be exempt anymore

    i mean, they've become so frequent these days, you can actually do them in the Video games now (i.e WWE 13 "Short" Match)

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    Just take a look at Smackdown's ratings lately its not doing that well and really is the B show of WWE now (some say Always was).


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