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    Nexus needed numbers to beat them... The Shield is a unit that beats people with equal numbers... For that reason I went with the shield. Also it's worth noting, that every member of the shield is built equally strong whereas nexus had weak members.

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    I saw the nexus as overkill

    The Shield seems more concentrated where all the guys get their strengths shown
    whereas nexus made that harder and led to:
    Young disappearing off the scene for a while
    Tarver released
    Husky Harris re-packaged back at development
    Slater becoming a standard heel jobber
    Gabriel becoming a standard face jobber
    McGillicutty fading into obscurity
    Otunga good on the mic but worthless elsewhere
    Sheffield becoming Ryback, no words necessary
    Barrett not living up to true potential
    Ryan......what happened there?
    (Punk, Cena and Bryan never really fit in, i think)

    The Shield all bring something different and keep things simple but also effective

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    In an ironic way, Barrett's push for possibly being the next MITB winner got sidelined by non other than the current MITB winner Ziggler being tossed on him and dislocated his shoulder from it. Apparently Barrett didn't know how catch a full grown man being tossed at him by The Big Show; )

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    To me it has to be the Shield for believability. They've beaten everyone thrown at them so far and the list is a who's who of WWE top guns.

    1.) Ryback
    2.) Kane
    3.) Daniel Bryan
    4.) John Cena
    5.) Sheamus

    And hopefully at Mania they will add the Big Show and Randy Orton to that already impressive list in my opinion.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    The good thing for The Shield, they worked out the kinks from the Nexus storyline. Had The Shield come first, I'm sure the Nexus is booked much more favorably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom28- View Post
    Apparently Barrett didn't know how catch a full grown man being tossed at him by The Big Show; )
    Thats a horrible image....


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