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    Worst Matches In All Of Wrestlemania History Thread

    Alright. Let's get right into it. What, in your opinions, are the worst matches to ever take place at Wrestlemania? If you don't wanna name more than one, then what do you think is the ABSOLUTE worst match to happen at Mania?

    For me, it's gotta be Michael Cole vs. Jerry The King Lawler at Wrestlemania 27. Not only was the build torturous, sitting through months of horrible commentary from Cole and the bickering between him and King, but the match was a nightmare. The pre-match was the only entertaining part, but when the bell rang it just died. Cole got offense (kill me) and beat down King for like ten minutes, and then King wins with a badly executed ankle lock. Then, to make matters worse, the anonymous GM came on and reversed the decision because SCSA put his hands on Cole, which meant the storyline was going to continue -- and it did. So no resolution at Mania, a horrible match, a horrible build, and we lost a potentially good Wrestlemania match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Out of all the bad matches we've had, this match makes them all look like decent Mania matches.

    Your thoughts?
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    Last year orton v kane ... Horrendous build horrendous match waste of time

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    Hart vs. McMahon at Mania 27 was painful to watch.

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    I agree with Jack, it was so painful to watch Hart vs McMahon. Bret should stay away from the ring and do away with the shorts. Don't agree with Walldo: not memorable, but the worst ever?

    I'm going old school: I disliked Roddy Piper losing to Mr T. I dislike all those matches: Akebono vs Big Show, Mayweather vs Show, Butter Bean vs Bart Gunn. Plus: there are a few Undertakermatches that deserve a honorable mention.
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    Gotta go DB vs Sheamus...way to ruin DB's momentum by having him lose in 17 seconds.

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    You've got some years wrong... Cole/Lawler was at 27. Vince/Bret at 26.

    But yeah those were both awful, along with any other matches involving legends or celebrities. I was at WrestleMania 27, I had to sit through 3 awful matches: Cole/Lawler, the Snooki match, and Cena/Miz.

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    Don't really need to explain my answer It speaks for its self... Undertaker Vs Giant Gonzalez!

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    Worst ever maybe not I remember just how dissapointed I was with the match and how lazy it was put together , orton has potential to steal show and it surly has to be his worst mania ... But there are far worst

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    I need to throw in Bossman vs 'Taker HIAC. I had some expectations for the match because of its rarity and ended up so disappointed (and bored) by it. Only highlight would be The Brood hanging Bossman with a noose after the match (which apparently the WWE has edited out of its DVD's versions).

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