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    Oh and I think the real reason Aloisia got kicked off the show had to do with the little challenges NXT has. Can you imagine how bad it would look watching her try and outrun other divas, or climb over the barricade in attempt to grab a flag. UGH it wouldn't look pretty.
    That is true, wouldn't have been very pretty.

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    I didn't mind it so much - it was no more or less cringeworthy than watching Eli do the moustache bit. The dance off was a bit ridiculous - a bit like, I can't decide whether they were strippers or cheerleaders before this?

    I liked the teaming of Aksana and Goldust - they should team them up permanently. Goldie needs a valet. AJ is definetly the new Mickie James. Naomi's outfit looked like she took a trip in a time machine and raided The Rockers locker room in 1989. Give her something better to wear.

    I liked the Vickie bits. She's an awesome on air character!

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    So each episode will feature like 2 matches at the most.

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    I was impress how cute AJ was......but farwarded through most of the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    I was impress how cute AJ was......but farwarded through most of the show.
    She has the personality that Mickie James had when she debuted as Trish's number one fan.


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