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    I like Barret and McIntyre in FCW as the Empire

    though that whole storyline in WWE12 sucked eggs!

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    I don't accept the people who say that Barrett's done with factions after being in 2 before. HHH was in factions before he was in Evolution (the faction where he was the star), so why not Barrett.

    My lineup would be as follows:

    Wade Barrett
    Drew McIntyre
    Mason Ryan
    William Regal

    I think it's a great idea for several reasons:

    1) It would make Barrett the star of the faction, being that he would be the top guy in it.
    Wade Barrett is a main eventer in waiting. This faction is a perfect way to push him to the top. He's be working with a great mouthpiece/manager in William Regal and in McIntyre and Ryan you have the perfect muscle and perfect understudy that also has main event potential. Barrett would without doubt be the HHH of this British faction, so you can see him winning the world title, generatging great heat, with ease here.
    I'm not saying that Barrett can't get to the top on his own, but this would be an interesting way for him to get there.

    2) We'd see McIntyre getting something serious to work with rather than the joke that is 3MB.
    3MB sucks. They're never going to be anything more than jobbers with a fantastically over the top gimmick. McIntyre is better than that. This faction would be the perfect way out for McIntyre. I can see Barrett, Ryan and Regal coming out to attack 3MB during a segment of theirs (perhaps that long awaited live performance of theirs on Raw we've been waiting o long for ), then attacking 3MB as McIntyre turns on them and aligns with the British trio.

    3) Mason Ryan is in desperate need of some guidance.
    Once touted as Vince McMahon's next big project, he's fallen completely off the radar. Surrounding himself with Barrett, McIntyre and especially Regal would benefit him greatly. I think he did fine as the silent enforcer of the New Nexus, but he's not had anything to work with since then. Turning him face was a bad move, plus he doesn't really have the mic skills to be a solo guy yet. Batista wasn't anything much before Evolution, after though, he most definitely was something. Learning from Regal, Barrett and McIntyre can have the same effect on this guy.

    4) It would get William Regal on regular tv again.
    Nuff said there. I think William Regal is perfect for the manager role of this group. He's got unique mic skills, can generate heat like no other, he's still able to wrestle. The guidance that this man would be able to offer the other 3 is unparalleled.

    It's easy to see this faction dominating with Barrett holding the World title, McIntyre with the IC/US title, and Regal and Ryan with the tag titles.
    I don't see the bad side of this faction to be honest.
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    I was pissed after they put him in The Corre. Get the guy in the World title picture and let him blossom
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    No Barrett doesn't need to be a leader of a faction. What needs to happen is for some people to have some patience and come to terms with the actuality that Barrett isn't ready yet to be the man or the main event draw.

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    Does Barrett need a new faction? No, he's proved he is strong enough by himself, in a group, he handles almost all the work

    what does he need? Credible wins and to be presented as a dominant force, not generic heel #458
    tons of potential, which the writers and bookers are wasting

    remember when this guy was World Champ Material in his Rookie year, fueding with "Vinnie's Golden Boys" Cena and Orton
    i barely do anymore


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