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    I have no problem with Y2J putting over the new guy but I do have a problem with him losing all the time. Since he has come back the only match he won was against Daniel Bryant and that was to get into the elimination chamber match. Y2J can, should, and does put over the new talent but if he keeps losing like this will it even matter anymore? I use to pull for Y2J but now I just wonder how he is going to lose this match and at this rate he will be jobbing to the prime time players by the end of the year.

    Point is losing to put over talent is good but losing all the time becomes pointless sooner or later. I think Y2J needs to win more and then when he does lose it will mean a lot more is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    Aces & Eights, as of right now, might as well be called "The Dudley Boys and a couple of other guys". Give Anderson the world title. He could use it. Take a chance with Knox or Brisco. Make one of them the TV champ. They could use it. Team 3D will be Team 3D regardless, but the other guys NEED those titles just to stand out.
    Whether it's TNA or WWE, titles should be given as rewards for getting over (or for unselfishly putting over guys). Belts should not be used as props TO get people over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    SI you want fandango to turn face and lose all the momentum he is building... Fair enough...
    Not a face turn. Just make him a credible performer. Heels need to be threatening at least.

    After jericho's praise of him, he could come out and jump him or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Isn't Rock putting over Cena? Even though seeing Cena doesn't really need to be put over, but it'll give him another cap in his hat for beating the Great One at the Grandest Stage of them All.
    Rock puts over Cena so Cena appears back at the top so Cena can put over someone... gah, like they would let Cena put someone over again.

    Just me or doesn't Jericho usually have below average Mania matches? Am huge Jericho fan myself.

    Also, Jericho is probably the only guy over 40 that is in great shape. Rarely dealt with major injuries (if ever???) and looks great and can perform. Sadly, Jericho isn't as big of a draw as guys like Lesnar and the Rock. It just pisses me off that Big E. and Fandango (minus any irrelvant matches as Johnny Curtis, although, didn't he have the same gimmick where he appeared every week in aggravating promos then was never used?) are both having their first WWE match at Wrestlemania! But hey, maybe it's true that most of the guys in the back don't care enough or aren't in good enough standing with the company to wrestle at mania.

    But also, why does everyone have it in their head that someone has to lose to put someone over? Jericho can easily put over Fandango by defeating him, as long as Fandango doesn't suck. If the 'E is putting more eggs in their Ryback basket on this one, they might as well have more than one Jericho vs Fandango matches in which it makes more sense for Jericho to win at Mania and Fandango get a heelish win on Raw or SD then possibly win again at the next PPV.

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    If fandango goes over clean it should be a roll up or a cradle to win and them not to make it out like it was a fluke

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    Well Jericho isn't the ONLY one who 'gets it'. I'd say that Kane and Big Show are 2 other vets who 'get it'.

    As for the Jericho vs Fandango scenario, here's my take:

    I don't have a problem with Jericho putting over younger guys. He's help put over Punk last year, then Ziggler. Great stuff. I don't have a problem with Jericho again putting over a younger guy at this years Wrestlemania.
    What I do have a problem with is WHO he's putting over this time.

    Fandango/Johnny Curtis hasn't done ANYTHING in WWE to deserve being put over by someone of Chris Jericho's calibre at the biggest ppv in the business. I could at a push agree that he deserves this chance at a regular ppv (I say at a push), but at Wrestlemania? No chance.
    If you think otherwise, then please, come at me with your reasoning. But Winning season 4 of NXT (Every season of NXT after 2 were a joke), and working in developmental/dark matches for years does not equate to being deserving of a Wrestlemania match against one of the best ever in the wrestling business.

    I wish Curtis the best of luck with his new gimmick, I hope it gets him somewhere, but he doesn't deserve this much this early with the gimmick, no chance in Hell in my book.
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    The whole not wrestling thing has been done before and will be done again. Sandow did it when he started and we all seem to have forgotten about that. It's a way to get heat. I for one agree the Fandango should wait until wrestlemania or even piss people off even more and make it like he's going to wrestle and schoolboy someone and get the pin like that. Then we have him in the ring celebrating. He dances with his partner. Y2J comes out. They fight. Fandango leaves the ring and Y2J grabs his dance partner and gives her a kiss and celebrates dancing like Fandango. Remember Dancing With The Stars? Y2J was there. This can piss of Fandango and it can lead to a better match at WM

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    The OP mentioned something about Brock Lesnar wanting a title shot. I'm all for that seeing as he is in the 30/40's bracket that the OP was saying you need to be, to be a champion. Only IF he takes on more dates to his schedule otherwise it'll be a farce of a title reign. Similar to how Rocks is at the moment.

    In regards to Jericho, im with the majority that are happy to see him put over younger talent but feel it should be someone more deserving like Cesaro or Barrett. I also think he needs to win more often to keep his credibility. Otherwise losing every week is just going to diminish it.

    I dont mind fandango, i enjoy his thing he's got going on at the moment. I just feel he'd be more deserving to go over someone like Kingston or R-Truth in his debut match.
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    I've heard alot of mixed reactions about the possible Jericho vs. Fandango match at WrestleMania 29. How this is a waste of time. How Fandango dosen't deserve this match for his re-debut. How Jericho should be put in a title picture or a high profile match instead. How Jericho is being buried by the company.

    But in my opinion, the word "burial" is overused like a motherfucker by the IWC. Has it ever occured to anyone that Jericho has no problem putting Fandango over? Because honestly, he shouldn't anyways.

    Of all the veterans combined that have been around since the 1990s, Jericho seems to be the only guy that "gets it". By "getting it", I mean he fully understands that sports entertainment is a young man's game. Always has been. Always will be. Or at least it's supposed to be.

    A WWE Superstar is supposed to be at the peak of his career in his 20s and 30s. That's when he's supposed to be concerned about winning titles, going over, headlining PPVs, and making a name for himself. And they have the 10-20 year period in their prime to do so.

    Once that guy hits 40, his career is supposed to start winding down. He's reached that point where title reigns and title shots no longer matter. Where going over is pointless. Where wins and losses are meaningless. He should understand that his best days are behind him, and it's time to start giving the next generation a chance. So what does he do? One of 3 things:

    1. Retire
    2. Take up a non-wrestling role in the business.
    3. Continue wrestling, but mainly put others over.

    All options eventually lead to #1, but Jericho still likes to wrestle, so I'm assuming he's chosen #3 for now.

    Which is fine, because EVERY SINGLE WRESTLER BEYOND THE AGE OF 40, IN BOTH WWE AND TNA, SHOULD BE DOING WHAT JERICHO IS DOING. Period. And unfortunately, they're not. You've got The Rock holding WWE's biggest title. You've got The Dudley Boys holding TNA's two biggest titles. Chavo Guerrero is still gunning for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Brock Lesnar is talking about getting another WWE title shot. The Undertaker's streak is apparently endless. Hulk Hogan is still gets the most air-time.

    It's still not as bad in WWE as it is in TNA, but by God, it's gotten alot closer in the past 2 years.

    So bottom line, if Jericho faces Fandango at Mania, he'll probably lose. But win or lose, he's still the immortal, loved and respected, Y2 fucking J. If you have a problem with the match, don't look at it as a burial and unfair treatment, look at it putting someone else over and doing his job correctly.

    If the majority of his generation were doing the same, professional wrestling would be alot better right now.

    Okay, I'm done.
    I don't really have anything to contribute here. This says it all. I've been saying this same thing for along time. Jericho doesn't get the credit IMO he deserves for doing so much unselfish things for the industry as a whole. Hardly anyone from Jericho's generation does this.

    Nice opening thread statement and kudos. Agreed.


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