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    Devon has no fucking excuse. He's been the Television Champion for nearly a year. Think he dropped it to Joe for 2 months, and won it back. And don't bring up "Aces & Eights". The storyline can continue without the title.
    Let's not make the TV title to be anything special. Plus, it's not like he is steamrolling over the competition to defend it. I don't think he has been in a match for the belt since he won it. He needs to lose it to a Magnus or someone. Bully can steam over Hardy and other veterans but if he starts pinning all of the younger guys we have a problem. In fact, if Bully beats Hardy, Angle, and Sting and loses to AJ, Morgan, or Storm that would put one of those three over tremendously.

    I have to disagree. A&Es need the belts in order to keep momentum. How can we take a group seriously if they don't have a champion or two?


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