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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    He walks away.

    Sheamus goes after him, trying to get him to come back.

    They brawl.

    Sheamus eats a RKO, possibly a punt.

    Show is watching, turns around, eats a big springboard knee from Rollins, and then a follow up spear from Reigns.

    They pick him up, triple power bomb.

    Shield wins. Sheamus is punted. Orton turns heel.
    Honestly a flying knee/spear combination would be a mark out moment for me.
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    I hope he turns heel but doesn't join the Shield, it's about time he was champion again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Honestly a flying knee/spear combination would be a mark out moment for me.
    Put over Big Show as hard to take down, and Shield as a cohesive unit.

    Fun Fact: Ambrose is the only one that... so far... has shown no signature move. Rollins has the knee. Reigns has the spear.
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    They put a lot of emphasis on Smackdown on the face that Sheamus and Big Show cant get along and Orton being the voice of reason.This all points to Orton heel turn at mania. I say Sheamus and Show get along.Show will be down and Sheamus will be setting up for the Brogue kick but Orton will RKO him as he goes for it. Shield will get the pin and be in shock. I dont want Orton to join the shield I just want him to turn heel

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    Judging by the way the WWE does Manias... I really dont see any heel turns. The next night? Yes. But they likely wont do a heel turn or a MITB cash-in. Seems like they want their Manias to be "pure" if that makes sense.

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    I just thought of this, what if Sheamus turns heel? I know this seems stupid, but what if during the match Sheamus Brogue kick's Big Show, after all that's the guy who he lost his title to, plus It would be really unexpected.


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