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    Orton turning heel at Wrestlemania?

    I know Orton turing heel is brought up a lot, but right now I feel that it may happen at Wrestlemania. I have a feeling that the issues with Big Show not being the one to trust in the 6 man tag team match, will cause some kind of dissension in the group. Maybe The Shield beats the 3 at Wrestlemania, and Orton snaps after the match. I don't know Randy Orton being the voice of reason seems weird to me, and it makes me feel that they are setting up for Orton to snap.


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    I do to, he will say he believes in the shield now and stabs big show and sheamus in the back, who knows, he can join the shield, they need to have a leader figure

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    I would like to see Orton affiliated with the Shield but I would be afraid he'd overshadow them. A WM turn would be nice to see.

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    I belive he'll turn heel too.

    As it was pointed out on SmackDown, Orton is acting as the voice of reason in the group. That alone makes me think he has ulterior motives.

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    After watching Smackdown last night it seems to becoming clear to me that he will in fact turn heel as early as WrestleMania. I'm just hoping he doesn't turn out to be affiliated with The Shield. Those 3 guys don't need someone like Orton taking away some of the spotlight. The Shield is having a good run right now with tons of momentum.

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    All I want for Christm...Wrestlemania is:
    The Shield 4-0 Opponents.

    As for Randy, I think (at Mania) somebody's head will eat the (returning) Punt.

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    I think if he just walked away from the ring would be enough to start a heel turn leave Show and Sheamus by themselves.

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    I think if he just walked away from the ring would be enough to start a heel turn leave Show and Sheamus by themselves.
    He walks away.

    Sheamus goes after him, trying to get him to come back.

    They brawl.

    Sheamus eats a RKO, possibly a punt.

    Show is watching, turns around, eats a big springboard knee from Rollins, and then a follow up spear from Reigns.

    They pick him up, triple power bomb.

    Shield wins. Sheamus is punted. Orton turns heel.
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    Of course The Shield will win at Mania. Sheamus and Big Show will probably brawl vs each other, and for Orton it will be Sheamus' fault so he will RKO him, and turn heel

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    Orton works far better as a heel as does sheamus but I could see them having a gd 3 month programme over the world title or even better the wwe title including john cena and punk .... Orton does not act as a face its jst the response from the crowd that makes it seem he is 1 ... A shield victory , orton heel turn , ziggler cash in and a 5 start match with taker and punk is what I am after .. Fingers crossed for mania


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