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    Smackdown 1/14 *spoilers*

    What do you guys think bout it? if u read the SD! spoilers for this friday u know wat i mean,
    is zeke joining nexus? seems like wwe is gettin more interesting

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    Nexus vs Nexus? *spoilers*

    After looking at this weeks Smackdown spoilers it looks as if th WWE is preparing a new version of the Nexus on Smackdown. Gabriel and Slater both appeared with their former leader barett to take down the Big Show, as did Ezekiel Jackson. Now this could lead to a host of new ideas, firstly and most obviously we may see Wade Barretts Nexus (Barett, Gabriel, Slater and Jackson) vs Punks Nexus (Punk, Otunga, Harris, McGillicuty). Now this would possibly happen at Mania, meaning the Punk/Cena match is out, or it could all be a plan by Nexus to take over both shows, what do you guys think?

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    Well the main thing here is that Barrett never got beat down by nexus, i think it could be a plot to take both shows.

    IM just hoping big zeke doesnt get pushed to the side on this one because i believe his potential is endless
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    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!

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    Way to put the spoiler right into the thread title BEFORE putting *spoilers*

    I haven't read your post because I don't want to know the specifics... but I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming.

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    It'll be cool if it was Nexus (Raw) and Genesis (Smackdown) or Genesis (Raw) Nexus (Smackdown) because you know Wade Barrett came up with the stable name Nexus
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    Nexus is back causin' mass destruction
    Guess who's here? The Bad Boys of wrestlin'
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    JUST SAYIN............... called it.

    That is all. lol
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    Barret-Slater-Gabriel-Jackson Situation

    Hi i was just wondering wat everybody thought about the Barrett-Slater-Gabriel-Jackson Situation That happened on smackdown. That is if u hav read the SD Spoilers.

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    Here comes a certain someone complaining about spoilers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Here comes a certain someone complaining about spoilers.
    Here I am, right on time :P

    welch421 I know your'e new here, so I wont give you a hard time. This is a spoiler, and should be treated as such. In future, please put spoiler threads in the "Spoiler" section on the forums.


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